Denial files: Islam and gays # 2201

From a publicist somewhere, promoting a likely forgettable book:

As we continue to come to terms with the tragic Orlando nightclub massacre, many are blaming the shooter’s loyalty to ISIS and his Muslim faith. But members Muslim want to make one thing clear: they’re not all homophobic and hateful. Now, Chivvis Moore, an American lesbian feminist who has lived in the Middle East for 16 years is working to debunk unflattering myths about Islam and the LGBT community.

“I think that Muslims treat [homosexuality] the same way that most people treat it in Christianity and Judaism,” says Moore in a new interview with NBC News. “They know that those scriptures were written many years ago for conditions at that time. I know many Muslims who are gay and lesbian, and they don’t see any contradiction at all.”

Excuse me, madam. In how many Christian or Jewish majority countries do we see gay people hanged? Doesn’t your utter lack of shame bother you?

Ever? Can you really look at the hanged corpses and continue to blather this stuff at the rest of us?

Reality check: Note how smelly this linked article at the Daily Beast reads. It does everything but confront the facts: It is not dangerous to be gay in a Western country but it is dangerous to be gay in an Islamic one.

Group huggies! Group huggies!! Group huggies!!! Oh, wait.

Gay people who want to live need to seriously rethink their position. The others are toast.

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