Defeating radical Islamic terrorism

I normally do not opine about national issues, as I am a state legislator. But I find I must make an exception in this case, partly because I was recently named the Chairman of the Georgia Base Realignment and Closure Committee whose mission is to protect our Georgia military installations.

The other is that I spent the vast majority of my military career fighting the same sort of savages who perpetrated the infamous attack in Orlando … and it angers me that the President has thrown away the hard work that the men and women whom I served with did to make our nation safe.

  • Gary

    Obama was just another sucker that was shown the peaceful side of islam during his youth where he didn’t read Arabic or stay in isalm long enough to be fully steeped in jew-hatred and martyrdom for allah and the Caliphate.

    Here in Toronto we have the same problem where Mosques have one islam when Politicians or the Media visit , then the true islam when the doors are closed and the Imam cheers for the slaughter of the 49 homosexuals in Orlando as he cites the quran for muslims to slaughter more of them .

    What will come back to bite CAIR on the as is their leaflet they hand out in Florida that asks msulims, to avoid helping the FBI in jihad cases. When Sheema Khan was at the Arar inquiry she said that they educate muslims about their rights and limits for the Police .
    Fine…….then I’m sure Sheema Khan will support my Right to not help the RCMP if I know of a plot to bomb a Mosque , or who did it when they happen .
    So remember this that Sheema Khan educated you to your Rights to not help the Police or RCMP in a terrorism case after several mosques are bombed or torched .

    But since so many current attacks on mosques were a hoax by the Imam or by a muslim , most people will think Muslims are crying Wolf one more time and it was they that blow-up their own mosque.

    • It’s a shell game and our useful idiots fall for it every time.