The Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism on Free Speech

“…The chief threat to free speech today comes from a combination of radical Islamic censorship and Western political correctness. Over the past century and more, Western societies have built up a consensus on the centrality of freedom of expression. We are allowed to criticize any political system or ideology we care to: capitalism, socialism, liberalism, communism, libertarianism, anarchism, even democracy itself. Not only that, but — provided we do not use personalized hate speech or exhortations to violence — we are free to call to account any religion from Christianity to Scientology, Judaism to any cult we choose. Some writers, such as the late Christopher Hitchens, have been uncensored in their condemnations of religion as such.”

  • Mark DeFord Eletion

    “The chief threat to free speech today comes from a combination of radical Islamic censorship”

    I’d like to point out something that I have not seen elsewhere. If a muslim says that he wishes to live under the tenets of sharia law, and that he is against the freedom of expression and other constitutional/human rights that we have in the west, then that muslim should be considered to have voluntarily given up those rights for himself. Giving up rights is allowable and fairly common in the west.

    Such a muslim should be immediately informed that he no longer has those rights in the west, though others around him will continue to have them.

    If this tactic becomes commonly used during debates and other discussions, then the more complaining the muslim does, the more it shows the positive value of western rights, and the negative value of islam.

    • Good idea.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      That’s all very convoluted and how do we enforce any of that.
      It’s far better just to exclude them (and their entire extend families) than to monitor where they stand on civil liberties.

      The mere presence of Muslims makes us all less free.

  • canminuteman

    Their loss. If people can’t get their opinions across with words they will resort to violence. We anglo saxons have a history of free speech going back a thouisand years. It is so deeply ingrained in our culture that when push comes to shove, people will shove. I hope.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A Hillary regime will simple abolish the 1st amendment for everyone