The Fallacy of Lone Wolf Terrorism

In the days since the Orlando attack, the FBI has investigated whether Omar Mateen worked alone, whether his wife had foreknowledge of the attack, and whether or not Mateen was acting independently—a so-called “lone wolf”– or whether he was part of a broader Islamic State plot.

  • Martin B

    Anything to draw our attention away from Islam.

    • mobuyus

      That would be a lot easier if it didn’t stink so much.

  • jack burns

    Comey is in the bag for Urkel.

  • Alain

    Going back in time and applying this would mean we were never at war with imperialist Japan. After all those kamikazi were each just lone wolf attacks.

  • Dana Garcia

    How can they be lone wolves if they all carry the same union membership card?

  • xavier

    Well another fallacy is that they spawn in a vacuum. It’s obvious that they had public network their familes, the mosques they frequented the posse they hung out with. Then there’should the public behaviour openly ungrateful, hostile brittle and quarrelsome, weird ,creepy cracking jokes that appal good company and other pathological behaviour.

    Islam seems to create psychologically fragile people that skew towards the self destructive to the sociopathic.

  • Markon

    Muslims see the weakness inherent in the PC west and are choosing the strong horse.
    Progressive political policy is the root cause of Islamic terrorism in the western world. Therefore it is imperative the politicians and media find someone or something else to blame. Otherwise their culpability is front and centre.