Ontario – your future is elswhere

Wynne can win in 2018 – Ontario is a kleptocracy, that slimy liar Wynne is kept in power by the unions, crony capitalists and rentseekers who get to pick our pockets in return.

But wait there’s more…

National carbon tax would finish off Ontario

Ontario’s cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme hasn’t started yet and there’s already talk Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government may impose a national carbon tax as well.

If that happened, and Ontario is included, it would mean consumers would be paying a tax on almost everything, twice.

And what that Ontario PC party? Who knows, maybe 3rd next election.

  • john700

    Frankly, I kind of want Wynne to win the next election, hoping Ontario becomes Greece or Venezuela and its residents pay the deserved price. On the bright side, the real estate prices will go down sharply.

    • Well that is true;)

    • Clausewitz

      Remember, Wynne is mostly there because of the Urban elitists. The rural people of Ontario deserve better. If anyone needs to keep their guns it’s farmers who will have to protect their crops once Urban society collapses and the Liberal zombies start marauding for food.

      • Alain

        You have rightly identified a very serious and great divide. That problem exists in a lot of other places, such as in BC and even in California believe it or not. My own theory is that the more people become disconnected from their natural roots, or nature if you like, the more dysfunctional and crazier they become. I believe this may also be why Western urban culture has endorsed just about every type of perversion as not just normal but endorsed. It also explains the gullibility for man-made global warming/climate change.

        • From an overheard conversation: a local farmer ran for office and lost.

          Unionised schlub teachers breathed a sigh of relief at the news. They didn’t want a farmer running things.

          There is your divide.

    • WalterBannon

      real estate prices going down sharply is not a bright side for everyone from seniors to young families who own homes.

      How would you enjoy tell your kids their new home is a cardboard box in an alley way after their home value drops and the bank calls in their mortgage?

      How would you enjoy seeing your grandparents shoved in a nursing home to die prematurely because they could no longer live off the equity in their homes?

      A serious crash in RE prices, as Wynne’s destruction of Ontario may bring, and from it would not soon recover, is no boon, and only marks the end of Canada as a first world nation.

      • Waffle

        Meanwhile, gold is rising steadily upwards. Last week it poked its head above the $1300 mark. Stay tuned . . .

      • john700

        Canada was a first world nation in your dreams only.

  • mauser 98

    taxpayer funded incest, inbreeding

    • Waffle

      That is so sick!!! But perfect 😉

  • WalterBannon

    I hate Ontario

  • This was all part of the plan.

    Ever Liberal voter should be confronted and reminded what job-destroying mouth-breather he or she is.

    • WalterBannon

      so we can replace these crooks with Brown and his identical policies?


      Patrick Brown’s Progressive party sucks

      a plague on all politicians

      • I don’t want the Liberals replaced with Patrick Brown but I would still like to remind Liberal voters that they have zero problems with bankruptcy or school programs penned by convicted pedophiles.

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne will win the next election, and this time she will be helped by the left wing so-called conservatives. I refuse to vote for them. The only thing conservative about them is their name. They are like the liberals now – their name means nothing and represents the opposite of who they actually are.

  • watching from Alberta

    Has anyone figured out when or what part of carbon taxes, both at the provincial or federal level are subjected to HST? Before carbon taxes, or after? Before the provinces take, or after the federal take? Something to consider in adding up the costs of doing this.

  • Waffle

    I did two things yesterday:

    I went to the LCBO for my semi-annual treat — a mickey of Wray & Nephew’s overproof rum. In less than a year it had gone up $5(!!!!) from $14,95 to $19.95.

    Then I got out my pitchfork and polished it off.

    • Didn’t know you were a rummy! We’ll have to get together some day for a few shots. Although I must admit I’m not a connoisseur — just like the taste better than other liquor. Bacardi, Captain Morgan, and the Jamaican stuff. Also enjoy tequila (with traditional lime and salt) but it’s super expensive these days.

      (ps, still delinquent on my e-mails. Major headache getting my computer systems rebuilt thought I’d have it finished by now).

      • Waffle

        You also are full of surprises. The other day you said something about living in Northern Ontario. I’m a northerner — grew up in Kirkland Lake.

        The Wray & Nephew is good stuff and a little goes a long way — I can nurse a mickey for months

        • I lived and worked in NW Ontario for a few years. But actually a southern urban boy (currently in t.o. for almost a decade). Travelled everywhere in the North so I’m sure I’ve been through Kirkland Lake at least a couple times.

          I’ll try the W & N next time — a mickie might last me two days, but thankfully I’m not a “frequent flyer”.

          OT, but are you getting all these census people running around your neighbourhood? Over here it’s just nuts. They’re like the Gestapo — incessantly banging on everybody’s doors to make sure they sent in their census last month. I’ve never seen it enforced like this — reason I mention it is because there’s a census official in the alley right now yelling at one of my neighbours demanding that she open the door.

  • Waffle

    You do realize that a number of rats have already left the ship. This is always a reliable indicator that something dire is about to happen, Betcha they’re not staying in Ontario. They’ve probably mosied off to some cushy little island paradise. I understand the Caymans are very welcoming. The first rule of the stock market is preservation of capital, so if you have enough of it, any place can be quite comfortable and accommodating.

    • I’m thinking Panama for the first stop on my upcoming “recon tour”.