Ontario in financial toilet?

From Lorrie Goldstein at Toronto Sun:

Indeed, it starts with the political power of Ontario’s public sector unions, representing 1.1 million workers, almost 10% of the province’s population, even before you add in spouses, voting-age children and other relatives.

That’s a powerful voting bloc and it means any PC leader taking the fiscally responsible position that the public sector must be reined in — given that Ontario is the world’s most indebted sub-sovereign borrower — starts behind the eight-ball in an election.More.

Reality check: People are stealing from their future selves, their children, and their grandchildren, and everyone else in order to front Wynne? It would all make sense if there is no future.

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  • Tom Forsythe

    Oh, for the days it was just in the toilet. Alas, Wynne has cranked the handle.

  • simus1

    GLLKDW can always talk Shiny Pony into a bout of hyperinflation if her rent seeking backers start to get a bit too skittish and withdraw. That will look much more refined than Venezuela’s present meltdown from marxist miracles / economic witchcraft.

  • john700

    Sorry, but Ontarians deserve an economic collapse similar to the one in Venezuela. I would love to see people fighting for food and without heat in the winter. All we need is an interest rate increase or hyperinflation.

    • FivePointSpurgeon

      Yes, to make them play “Atlas Shrugged, the home game” would be a just dessert.

  • The actual figure is over 2 million public servants, the 1 million figure refers only to provincial staff not federal staff. So in reality it’s even worse.

    • mauser 98


    • John the Mad

      There are a bit more than 60,000 members of the Ontario Public Service, including ministry staff, agencies and Crown Corporations, most of whom have had their salaries frozen for four of the past five years.

  • SDMatt

    My advice to the “Conservatives” is to stand down and let Wynne and crew drive Ontario right over the cliff. Who in their right mind would want to take over this train wreck, and besides the arsewipes who voted for her deserve the wreck and ruin that is imminent.

    • FivePointSpurgeon

      Totally agree.

      Also, exactly what reason is there to vote PC?? Brown’s not Wynne? Is that it? Exactly how is he any different?

  • useless opinion

    As a conservative stuck in a communist progressive union, I have made plans to take my pensions and investments to where they cannot be taxed by the Province of Ontario. I own Hydro one stock and you retards are going to be paying me dividends for the rest of my life from what is left of your take home pay. Funny how my union thinks it can over turn the sale of H.TO, this is how stupid they are. So all of my fellow cons as we are called are now buying Hydro One in the free market. When it all goes to shit, you wont be able to touch my money, and the pensions are almost permanent, hey, omers hoop and teachers all offered to buy Hydro One outright, but the preem shit her diaper and would not do it. Just goes to show eh?

  • Any chance of de-clawing unions went with Trudeau’s election. Unions sway elections.

    I can’t wait for white middle-class Liberal voters to tell their precious snowflakes that there will be no Christmas this year.

  • Gary

    Agree, but most of the Union bosses know that the members are too stupid to see that they are part of the ponze scheme and will keep thinking that they can do less work for more money with more sick days and more holidays and retire at 55 .

    i worked it out that for every 10 senior Union member in CUPE or OPSEU there is NEVER a week that goes by where the Office is at full staff from the 6 weeks holidays for each one of them which mean others carry the loads or they need 4 more Members to fill in for the 10 . This doesn’t count the 15 sick days or leaving early at 3:00 on Friday for the long weekend.

    If the work gets done with them away for a total of 9 weeks each per year , then they don’t really do much when they are there and the Public sector employees are a voter block for the Party in power where we could cut 25% of the positions and nobody would see the difference.

  • stephencarter

    The closing line is good. CUPE-Ontario’s gargantuan, horrendous, burgeoning ongoing payouts & the black hole of debt it produces can only be OK if it’s predicated on there being literally NO FUTURE. Isn’t this what the Left believes? That their policies are tangibly unsustainable and when it all unravels and there’s blood in the streets, THEY won’t be blamed or held accountable. So why not go full speed ahead? As always the Left is obsessed with winning and power, knowing that it can only lead to economic collapse & anarchy.