Oh Man, Florida Prosecutor Goes Off on “Third-World Miscreants and Ghetto Thugs”

Florida prosecutor Kenneth Lewis has been suspended by the state’s attorney’s office over an “offensive” Facebook rant posted just after the Orlando terror attack which the media is now referring to as a “mass shooting”.

  • Martin B

    Just more proof that you never get in as much trouble for telling lies as you do for telling the truth.

  • Linda1000

    Well, at least Lewis has a 1st Amendment protecting his free speech (sort of).
    O/T but kind of related.
    I don’t know about ON, but now in Alberta, we are not allowed to be critical of our NDP premier:
    No, shit, we must denounce ourselves. What’s next? Blasphemy laws?
    There is “no fun under socialists, communists” to paraphrase the Ayatollah of Iran.

    “NDP MLAs, including Minister for the Status of Women Stephanie McLean and Culture Minister Ricardo Miranda, expressed outrage.

    McLean called the target “appalling,” noting that British MP Jo Cox had been killed talking to constituents only a few days earlier and calling for Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt, who was tagged in Fleury’s original post, to denounce the target.”

    • In other words, everybody is expected to be 100% informed and sensitive to every single event happening around the world through social media at all times, before they can express themselves on any given subject anywhere.

      What about people who don’t give a rat’s ass about the Internet? Is the Internet obligatory? What about people who can’t afford the Internet? — these days Rogers is charging over a $100 bucks monthly. Lots of people (such as myself) don’t go near Facebook or Twitter — am I now required by law to use those services in order to be apprised of the opinions and experiences of billions of people around the world? In order to have the right to express my own opinion?

      To hell with a golf tournament playfully joking about Notley — we need a rifle tournament with live ammunition using Notley’s image as a target. It will be good practice for the day when the citizenry will have no choice but to execute Notley, for the same reasons the good citizens of Romania were obligated to execute the cruel Communist dictator Ceausescu.

      • Linda1000

        The left in Britain are trying to exploit the murder of Jo Cox to derail the Brexit “leave” campaign. Looks like the left in AB are indirectly trying to cash in on female politicians being targets because they know Notley is not very popular in our province right now. Frankly, she is turning out to be quite the disaster, but people with no sense voted for anyway.

        • It’s insane. A silly golf tournament in Alberta somehow has International significance regarding the assassination of a female politician in England. What if the golfers forgot to watch the news that night? Or an obscure video in California (which was so uninteresting that apparently only seven people watched it online) somehow caused the murder of Americans in Libya.

          This is a deliberate attempt by the Left to impose a Communist system. I have not witnessed propaganda and disinformation like this since the collapse of the Soviet Union. And I never witnessed it in Canada.

          Canadians can laugh and giggle about it all they want and call it cute little names like “political correctness” or “soft fascism”. But believe me Canada you are in for a rude awakening. The time to start organizing is now. Clandestinely. I’m serious — the only way dissidents survived in the former Soviet Union was through clandestine organization.

          “Work while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work” (somewhere in the scriptures).

  • Linda1000

    When I looked at pictures of the deceased in Orlando the other day, many of the victims were from Puerta Rica. I didn’t realize there were a lot of Puerta Ricans in Florida since we always hear about mostly Cubans.

    Anyway, here is a more “positive news” story (if such a thing) about the Orlando shooting.


  • So Islamic terrorism will simply be referred to as another “mass shooting” from now on.

    Well, I guess we need to counter that lie — from now on when there’s simply another mass shooting (no Islamic motive), then we need to call it Islamic terrorism. All mass shootings from now on should be blamed on Islamic terrorism.

    Two can play the propaganda/disinformation game. If it’s legal for the Government to lie, then it’s legal for the citizenry to lie.

    • Will Quest

      Thou shalt not blaspheme I-Slam…….

  • jack burns

    I can’t think of any city of any size, over 150,000 that isn’t that doesn’t have a core of ghetto rats. We are in the chute to be Brazil II, wealthy and favelas with nothing in between, and God help you if you are white.

    • I’m not so worried about being “white” — fascists are equal-opportunity persecutors and most of them are white anyway. But God help you if you are a Black conservative — more Blacks in South Africa were tortured and murdered by Winnie Mandela’s ANC than by the racist South African government. God help you if you are Black and refuse to jump on the racism bandwagon.