Muslim Terror in Israel and America Evokes Irrational Responses from the Left

A murderous terror attack took place in Tel Aviv 11 days ago, ripping four innocent lives away from their loved ones forever. One moment they were sitting in a café enjoying themselves, and a split second later they were gone, lifeless, leaving only precious memories behind.

The following Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida at least 49 people in a gay nightclub were murdered in cold blood in the single worst shooting massacre in US history.

Thousands of miles apart, with different targets as victims, both attacks share at least one common element.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course it will be unfortunate but once our Islamic brethren start blowing up city buses in Chicago and St Louis and such it will be fascinating to see how the left spins this. For me, I really won’t care. It will entertaining all the same. Watching Chris Cuomo hop on a plane and stand in the middle of the street desperate to find people who mutter that it must have been three lone wolves who clearly hated mass transit especially mass transit that serves the gay, black, Mexican, trans, Ovarian-American population and how if President Queen Hillary simply gave all those people a free car and a driver this problem would all go away….it will be the best TV entertainment you can watch.

    I can’t wait.