Euthanasia’s red dawn in Canada tomorrow

A friend writes,

Father … requests prayers for the … sisters … as they meet today with their Bishop … to learn how they are to manage their ministries to the aged in light of the new assisted suicide legislation …

Reality check: Euthanasia will end Christian culture in Canada. When life and death are equally good, traditional civilization slowly dissolves.

Secular elites welcome that. Most Westerners are not anywhere near as much value to their governments, who aspire to be part of a global elite, as are robotics, cheap Third World labour, and temporary foreign workers. Even migrants with voting rights are valuable insofar as they help diminish the sense that being a citizen means anything much.

Any temporary euthanasia restraints will soon be abandoned, just as therapeutic abortion committees were. We are all “the fetus” now, whenever we are vulnerable.

The sorest test for any traditional Catholic will be to contemplate the utter failure of ecclesiastical leadership in these matters. Staying faithful, remembering that there is Church beyond the endless, useless babble of that leadership, will be a way of the cross.

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