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hillary's americaHillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Dinesh D’Souza, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller America: Imagine a World Without Her, has a warning: We are on the brink of losing our country forever. After eight years of Obama, four years—or possibly eight years—of Hillary Clinton as president of the United States would so utterly transform America as to make it unrecognizable.

No more will America be a land of opportunity. Instead, it will be a land of rapacious crony capitalism, run solely for the benefit of friends of the Obamas and the Clintons and the Democratic Party. It will, in fact, be the fulfillment of a dream the Democratic Party has had from the beginning…a dream of stealing America for the politically favored few

In Hillary’s America, D’Souza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary and the secret history of the Democratic Party, including: how Democrats transitioned from pro-slavery to pro-enslavement; the long-standing Democratic political war against women; how Hillary Clinton’s political mentor was, literally, a cold-blooded gangster; how the Clintons and other Democrats see foreign policy not in terms of national interest, but in terms of personal profit; how Democratically controlled cities have turned into hotbeds of crime and corruption; and much, much more.

Ibrahim-Hooper-of-CAIR-Getty-640x480CAIR Honcho Explodes at Breitbart News: ‘You Are Anti-Muslim Bigots’

CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation.

After the reporter said she was not an anti-Muslim bigot, Hooper said “You may not be, but the people you work for are anti-Muslim bigots and you work for an organization that spews hatred against Muslims.”

“We only deal with legitimate news sources and Breitbart is not one,” Hooper said.

shariah-law-picture1To Beat Lone Wolves, Profile for Supremacism

The category of “supremacists” does not overlap perfectly with either the categories of “Muslims” or “white people.”  It should be possible to explain, especially in light of the weekend’s horrible killings, that the target of the profiling is not Muslims but supremacists of any kind.  Indeed, American Muslims should be appalled by the weekend’s killings, and ought to want to help authorities identify likely supremacists for investigation.

Syrianrefugees_smallHillary Clinton Supports ‘500% Increase in Syrian Refugees’

In the previous four years, slightly more than 2,300 Syrian refugees were admitted to the United States, almost all of them Muslims.

These refugees pose a public health risk as well as a security concern, and the current vetting process for both is questionable at best.

Increasing the number of Syrian refugees by another 550 percent next year, as Clinton proposes, will only make that vetting process even more of a sieve than it currently is.

SecondAmendment_smallNYTimes Declares The Gov’t Should Secretly Suspend Our Second Amendment Rights

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, the gun control agenda coming out of the government and media is reaching a fever pitch. You’ve heard of how flawed the “no-fly” list is… There are babies and eight-year-olds on that thing. How did they get there? No one is too sure, but it’s all done in a secret process that the people on the list themselves are not privvy to.

Now consider the government extrajudicially canceling people’s 2nd Amendment with a “no-buy” list, as advocated in a recent NYT editorial.

mateenGuns and Homophobia Don’t Kill People, Muslim Terrorists Do

Gun violence did not kill 49 people in Orlando. Guns, no matter whether you call them “assault rifles” or “weapons of war”, do not independently kill anyone. No gun, by any name, walks into a gay bar and shoots people. No more than box cutters slash the throats of stewardesses independently or passenger planes fly themselves into the World Trade Center.

When a Muslim terrorist shoots up a gay bar, it’s not gun violence. It’s Islamic terrorism.

snopes12Main Snopes Fact-Checker Is A Self-Described Liberal Who Called Tea Partiers ‘Teahadists’

She once said the Bush administration was “at least guilty of criminal negligence” for 9/11. Another time, she wrote about Lena Dunham’s controversial Obama ad and said she could imagine it “simultaneously enrage, freak out, disgust, horrify and frighten the party of legitimate rape.”

The Republican Party is the party of “legitimate rape.” Snopes’ political fact-checker wrote that.

canada flag“More Liberal lies on gun laws”: proof uncovered in Chretien era Cabinet docs

Ever since the terrorist attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, there have been calls from Canadian politicians and those in the media who share their views, to toughen up our gun laws.

In particular, they are using the situation to shoot down a Conservative MP’s efforts to have the AR-15 re-classified as a hunting rifle even though, as we’ve reported, that was not the gun used by the jihadist.

That’s one lie but here’s another that you need to be aware of and this one is coming from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

100706010_Residents_of_the_Catia_low_income_neighborhood_rally_to_protest_for_the_lack_of_food_i-large_trans++piVx42joSuAkZ0bE9ijUnGH28ZiNHzwg9svuZLxrn1UVenezuela makes arrests at the end of a dark week as food riots turn bloody

There have been more than 10 outbreaks of raids on shops every day across the country, according to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence, often leading to violent clashes with security forces.

The government, which has blamed the shortages on an “economic war” contrived by the opposition and the US, has been accused of becoming increasingly disengaged from its population and failing to avert the “inevitable” crisis.

Omar_MateenIslamophobia Kills

The FBI conducted an investigation of Omar Mateen. They put him on a watch list and sent informants. They interviewed him and concluded that his claims of Al Qaeda ties and terrorist threats were reactions to “being marginalized because of his Muslim faith.” Omar told the agents that he said those things because “his co-workers were discriminating against him and teasing him because he was Muslim.”

And they believed him.

Poor Omar wasn’t a potential terrorist. He was just a victim of Islamophobia.

Ayaan-Hirsi-Ali2Bold, Brave, and Right

Rare is the occasion when an honored speaker delivering a keynote address chastises the audience. But if anyone deserves the right to do so on any issue, it is Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the matter of America’s ignorance about Islamic-supremacist ideology—ignorance on display again this week, in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, when American liberals have argued for gun control rather than jihad control. The moment occurred during the New Criterion’s Edmund Burke Award Gala honoring Ali for her “conspicuous contributions to the defense of civilization.”

Ali, an outspoken critic of Islam, asked the audience if it knew what Sharia was. Many hands rose. Ali then asked if the audience knew what jihad was. Practically every hand shot up. Finally, she asked how many knew what dawa was. Only a few hands went up.

Muslims-lifting-asses-to-allahPoll: Majority Of American Muslims Would Welcome Sharia Law

In berating GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson for suggesting a loyalty test for Muslims seeking high office, CNN host Jake Tapper maintained that he doesn’t know a single observant Muslim-American who wants to Islamize America.

Tapper doesn’t get out much. If he did, chances are he’d run into some of the 51% of Muslims living in the U.S. who just this June told Polling Co. they preferred having “the choice of being governed according to Shariah,” or Islamic law. Or the 60% of Muslim-Americans under 30 who told Pew Research they’re more loyal to Islam than America.

The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

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