A Moscow spy worked for two decades under cover in Europe by building a fake biography. There are others.

One June night in 2010, Henry Frith asked the son of his live-in partner for a lift to Madrid airport early the next morning.

Frith didn’t say where he was flying to. He rarely did when Alejandro Valdezate Sánchez regularly drove him to Madrid Barajas international airport for one of his many business trips.

The next day, agents from the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, the Spanish security service, came to Valdezate’s home to interview him. The conversation was calm and courteous, but one thing soon became clear to Valdezate: Frith wouldn’t be coming back. He never did.

  • Interesting, so they’re using USB keys for dead drops these days. Makes sense.

    Sometimes I could kick myself for being honest. I’ve literally found at least a dozen USB keys left behind in my local library over recent years. Never once did I snoop or pocket any of them — always turned them in to the front desk like a “good citizen”. When I think of the clientele at that library — everybody from politicians running in to fire off a quick e-mail, to spooky characters using public internet for whatever reason — IP can’t be traced to your personal computer. If I had kept all those USB’s I’m sure I would have a treasure trove of information to sell.

    Darn Catholic upbringing! 😉

  • simus1

    Wheels within wheels.
    Here’s a good effort at the Sorge affair.

  • “Mitrokhin’s Archive” should be mandatory reading.