The Cost Of Islam: The FBI’s Growing Surveillance Gap

“…Monitoring just the FBI’s so-called “terrorist watch list,” another list of known or suspected terrorist or their associates, or “No Fly List” outstrips the government’s surveillance capabilities day-to-day. Somewhere around 300 to 500 U.S. permanent residents and citizens are on the FBI’s watch list, known technically as the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB). There are approximately 16,000 people on the U.S. government’s “No Fly List,” and while the vast majority are foreigners, even watching only the “fewer than 500 U.S. persons” on that list would far surpass the FBI’s ability to surveil suspects for an extended period of time.

Canada’s security services are stretched as thin if not more.

This is the cost of mass immigration from Islamic states.

Who is responsible for so destructive a decision?

Our political class. Make them pay.

No federal party deserves your support as none of them will stem the tide or take on Canada’s ideologically toxic bureaucrat class.


  • Daviddowntown

    islam should be proscribed.

    • WalterBannon

      I agree strongly. It should be listed as a terrorist organization and a cult and made illegal in every single western state.

      Furthermore Islamic states should be barred from membership in the UN, and if the UN does not take this action then all other state should resign from the UN in protest. the UN has long since become a tool for Islamic terror states to enforce Sharia on the world and punish states like Israel.

  • Dana Garcia

    What responsible government invites enemies inside the gates during war?

    • WalterBannon

      Show me a responsible govt….

      • Dana Garcia

        Well, there’s that, but they usually pretend better.

      • Bataviawillem

        Hungarian government.

  • ontario john

    But it has nothing to do with islam, so why worry?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “No federal party deserves your support …”
    And I wonder if there’ll ever be anything in Canerduh that does. I mean, the CPC were an absolute joke under Harpo. Talk about Lieberal Lite. More and more muzzies, money for al Ceebeera … horrible. And if anything, they look to be going even more prog. Barf.

  • Gary

    Don’t expect the muslims in Florida to help the FBI .