Obama Pushes Maximum Immigration Diversity, Including Plenty of Unfriendlies

We’re in the final year of Obama’s fundamentally-change-America project and the run for the border is on. Masses of foreign moochers apparently fear that a President Trump will shut down the gravy train of freebies, so they want to get in while no-borders Obama is still in charge.


  • mauser 98

    ….Barry to flood rural America… teach them rednecks a lesson

    “Rural folks in Montana are pushing back
    against plans by urban elites to plant hundreds of Muslims from the
    Third World into Helena and Missoula”

  • Martin B

    And if any of these “migrants” blow themselves up in a crowd of American citizens, it’ll just be collateral damage.

  • Interesting how the highest number of green cards will be issued to people from the worst Islamic dictatorships. I mean places like Lebanon, Morocco and Jordan aren’t very concerning, but Iran, Pakistan et cetera certainly are.

    If we are talking about people escaping Islamic fascism for a better life in the West then it makes sense. But that’s not what the Left is proposing — they don’t see Islamic fascism as a problem. Fascism in general is admired by the Left. Forcing other people to think the same as you is a feature that Socialists admire in Islam.

  • Gary

    Ellen and Rosie better get some really good Photos from the PRIDE parades to use in Museums in the future because gays will be going back in the closet thanks to Barry and his Muslim Brotherhood buddies in the White House .

    Orlando was just the first phase for muslims to make a Gun-free zone a gay-free zone.

  • Alain

    When I recall all the difficulty one of my sons had in obtaining a green card even married to an American, I find this disgusting on so many levels. First people like my son share the same language and culture, and he is a qualified doctor which cost the United States nothing. He and his wife operate a very successful clinic that they had built at their own expense. Looking at the list of countries there isn’t a single one which would provide people willing and able to contribute to American society. It appears that American gave two terms to a hostile foreigner to serve as president.

  • Ho Hum

    As bad as these numbers are – to put them into perspective – this 1 million figure is the total number of Muslims Obama let in during almost 8 years in office. Stephen Harper by comparison let in 1/2 Million Muslims in a shorter period and of course Canada is 1/10th the size of the U.S.. Our former “conservative” PM was a far bigger traitor than Obama when it comes to Muslim immigration.

    • Linda1000

      Yes, and at the rate Trudope is continuing on with immigration, we will be a muslim majority country before Britain because Canada (34 million approx.)has roughly just a little over one third of the total population of Britain (80-90 million approx.), I think. That’s not even considering demographics which will assist in the demise of the current white majority Canada as we all know today’s immigrant families tend to be larger. Greater Vancouver and Toronto areas are already white minority or will definitely be by 2025, less than ten years. So glad I won’t be around in 2050 Canada.
      To top things off, stupid Canucks disarmed themselves long ago because of the British Queen (?), or whatever and now they can’t fight back. Too bad our younger people in Canada who all voted for the Libs do not have any common sense and cannot do basic math anymore. Ask any dumbass urban Canuck and most of them will tell you the big bad neighbour to the south has nothing but gun violence, guns are evil, etc.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Part of the necessity of making him OWN this is to ceaselessly point it out and not back down.