Milo Yiannopoulos & Douglas Murray – Radical Islam, American politics, and Brexit.

Milo, in a conversation recorded Tuesday, chats with British journalist Douglas Murray about radical Islam, American politics, and Brexit.

  • Gary

    Muslims in Toronto weren’t told that it’s almost a majority non canadian city and about to be a majority non-white city too.
    There are ads going up around the city ever since the Orlando slaughter to gays by a devout muslim where the Posters want to stop racism and islamophobia by White males.
    Maybe they haven’t gone to a Government office lately or the HR at City Hall for a Job to notice the 50 shades of brown and over 100 languages plus a visit to Regent Pakistan .

    Only muslims would try to play the victim after a jihad to murder 49 gays in a Club and wound 53 by had posters that denounce islamophobia because some people doubt the claims by Imams as a religion of peace or we will kill you .
    Here’s the real AD that should have ran if muslims starting telling the truth about the quranic homophobia .

    • Good poster. Islam is a cult, it seduces its adherents by preaching both supremacy and victimhood simultaneously creating a common enemy of “us against the evil world”. Like all cults it micromanages the individual to the point of exhausted submission with the threat of death for those who stray from the path.