Journalist Notices Something Wrong With White House Gun Stats

How much longer will conservatives have to hear the same misinformation about guns repeated by politicians and the media?

Twisted statistics that are easily debunked get rehashed again and again, no matter how much Second Amendment advocates try to set the record straight.

The end result is hysteria, especially right after a high-profile crime. Fortunately, not all journalists have been brainwashed, and one reporter is using her public platform to get the facts out...

  • Gary

    I must have been the only one that did a fact-check when the media pushed the Child-obesity crisis.
    My research was done by going to the Medical records for Hospitals and STATS canada. The Charts I saw showed a slow growth from the mid 1950’s for the height and weight of both sexes starting at 5 and up to 12 . The weight gains did not say if it was from muscle in the post-War era as bikes and other items were common and that more pools open as people had money to pay for sports equipment for the children or sports classes.
    Food was also getting closer by the super markets and Highways were being built to tour the nation and go for a hike camp while playing by the river.

    There was NO spike in the weights to prove obesity in canada , but what I did find was a notation that the UN changed the definition of a child where it was from 5 -18. The new Chart for the age increase had a small jump of about 4% for “children” 15 -17 but only during the star of the new definition that wasn’t more than about 8 years old.
    THAT’S where they got the Child Obesity crisis from to scare people and tax snack foods , but the chart didn’t say where the children were born or if they were immigrant children brought in from a culture where fat was wealth and status.

    Next time the NDP wants a tax on snack foods to fight obesity in children…. ask for the medical charts by the CMA data for weight and height over 30 year period and only look at the 5 to 12 years chart.
    If a Doctor looked at a chart for a body builder where it showed the 5′ 11″ man at 265 lbs he would call that an obesity problem by thinking it mostly fat.

    • Alain

      Trust me you were not the only one. As a matter of fact one can discover the same BS with every single problem or crisis pushed by the media. Facts are ignored when they have a job (social engineering) to do which is to wear down the general public by bombarding them over a long period of time with the same lies. It has worked pretty well for them, so they are not about to stop. I believe the first success was getting identical rights for women who shake up with a guy as with married women, and around the same time the big lie that affirmative action was needed to make everything right in society was sold. This is how we ended up with abortion on demand at any stage without any restrictions funded by tax payers, same-sex “marriage” and now it is a push to sell the tranny agenda. Oh, of course don’t forget the on-going “global warming/climate change” sell and the relentless war on guns and self-defence. I probably missed a few, but the pattern is very clear.

  • Jim Horne

    Re White House Gun Stats:

    Afterburner: Number One With A Bullet

    • Linda1000

      I think I want to move to Plano, Texas. Have to check how far north of the Mexican border the town is located. 🙂

      • Slickfoot

        Plano Is a dry county… just thought you might want to know.

        • Linda1000

          Don’t care about that but it seems a little too close to Dallas anyway. Do you have any recommendations on other parts of Texas?

  • ed

    Chicago shootings up 88% this year , since January 201 dead blacks .47 dead Hispanics .1,487 wounded ” death by cop ” 4 .January this year police forced by the civil libertys union to end street stop and search !!!!!!!!