ISIS crucifies 3 men for breaking Ramadan fast, amputates hand and foot from another

ISIS jihadis have caged, lashed and crucified three people accused of breaking their Ramadan fasts.

Two people from the Syrian town of Mayadin – territory held by the terror group – were tied onto crosses outside the police station in province of Deir Ezzor.

ISIS amputee

  • It is time to eat bacon pizza in front of people like this.

  • I remember as a kid I would often skip Mass on Sunday. And the punishment was that our local Catholic Priest would usually chop off a few fingers or a hand or a foot. So today I’m down to a couple toes and one foot, because that’s what Christianity teaches — Islam and Christianity are identical. NOT.

    Islam and Socialism are in fact identical because they both believe in some level of involuntary force — ranging from simple intimidation to blowing people to smithereens — to enforce their ideologies. That’s why the Left in the West supports Islamic terrorism — it contributes to the establishment of a Socialist Police State. “Terrorism” provides the pretext for Government control that the Left needs in order to establish their Marxist dictatorship. Muslims are simply the Left’s convenient “cannon fodder”.

    • Each tries to craft a new man.

      • Christianity also tries to “craft a new man”. And it often succeeds because God’s love and man’s free will are the selling points. I really see little difference between Socialism, Islamism and the other enforced “isms”, and organized crime.

        If you gussied up the Mafia, gave their members fancy colourful clothing and rituals, or an impressive platitudinous worldview, then the public face of the Mafia would be little different than that of Socialists and Islamists.

    • Blind Druid

      The left will enable Islam. But they will be amongst it’s first victims when the demographics are favourable for the imposition of Sharia..

      • It’s already happening, and I’ve predicted it for years. Sooner of later Muslims were bound to become better educated about the political environment in the West and realize that the moral collapse isn’t because of conservative Christians. It’s because of militant Left secularists forcing their a-moral will on the general population. As a result we’re going to see more attacks on Gays and “morally significant” terror targets directly related to Islamic theology.

        Too bad the Left will not permit a public venue for the “middle way” — in a free society you can oppose Gay marriage without harming Gay people. The latter perspective is only held by conservatives. Islamists and Socialists promote the extremes.

  • Alain

    Meanwhile in North American all our cultural marxists are screaming about the need to eliminate totally that “oppressive” Christianity from the public square. They haven’t a clue as what it is truly an oppressive political system.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. The WMD squeegee should eventually wipe the entire slate clean

  • Phil Jermakian

    Think it all stems from mistreating women… first mitzvah to get a wife and take care of her. When she is less then and nothing and not amazing joy like god intended….your missing amazing joy.