Is it ethical to pay ransoms?

Two Canadian men have been beheaded after the government refused to pay ransoms to Filipino terrorists.

Earlier this week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that a kidnapped Canadian man, Robert Hall, was beheaded after the government refused to pay a $16.6 million ransom to a Philippine Muslim extremist group. His fellow Canadian, John Ridsdel, was beheaded last month after a ransom the group demanded wasn’t paid.

Last week, Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and David Cameron were successful in urging the other G7 nations to join Canada and the United Kingdom in agreeing not to pay ransoms to rescue their nationals kidnapped by terrorists.

Is that the right decision?

  • Alain

    By chance it is the correct decision, but you can be sure ethical was not a motivating factor for the Liberals.

    • I 2nd that.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Alain, you are hitting nails on heads again. Check outside for any unusual car activity, especially dark blue Ambassadors. 😉

    • Clink9

      Stopped clock theory.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Shorter article:

    Should the government pay ransoms? no.
    Should you or your family invest in KRE, if you are going to a 3rd world shithole where kidnapping for ransoms happen? yes
    How long will it take you to find out about KRE? less than 1 minute

  • All that hand-wringing and $millions of dollars in payout to Maher Arar because he got a little bit of chaffing on his wrists from being briefly imprisoned in Syria. Canada paid those millions although Canada had nothing to do with it — it was the U.S. and Syria. (Btw, Arar was a Syrian-born citizen — why didn’t he sue Syria?!).

    Because Canada is probably the most ignorant and uneducated society in the Western hemisphere. I’ve met illiterate campesinos with more wisdom that a dozen Canadians put together. Meanwhile a couple Canadians were slated for a beheading and Justin couldn’t find some way to help them. I guess it’s because they didn’t have chaffed wrists, otherwise the Liberals would have come up with $millions.

    • dukestreet

      Maher Arar should not have been paid a cent. Neither should any other
      terrorist. According to Islam, he was old enough to participate in an
      attack, so he was old enough to suffer the consequences of his actions.
      No Canadian parent would encourage ,expect or permit their 14 year old
      to be there. His parents are /were not Canadians, They were/are
      terrorists Islamists

      If ransoms are paid it just increases the risk of more of them. As per the Somalis & Mexicans. Better to find the kidnappers and pay them back in kind would work, just as the Brits did to those in India, who set fire to wives.
      When they were told to go ahead and do it but, the person who set the wife on fire would be summarily hung, the practice stopped quickly.

      • I agree. But a minor correction — I think you’re confusing Maher Arar with Omar Khadr. Khadr has yet to extort millions from Canada but I’m sure he’ll succeed under the terrorist sympathetic Liberals. The tongue-in-cheek prediction years ago from Ezra Levant that the terrorist Khadr would some day receive the Order of Canada, is no longer a joke — it’s a real possibility under Justin.

        Just a side issue, but Khadr once claimed he saw Arar in an Al Queda training camp. Why haven’t investigators followed up on that?

        • El Martyachi

          Why haven’t investigators followed up on that?

          Because “investigators” don’t matter and neither does Justin or much of anything else for that matter.. as you well know.

  • No.

    If a ransom is paid, kidnappings and worse will be repeated actions.

    • Sitting by and doing nothing will also result in “repeated actions”. Justin did absolutely nothing — the perpetrators will never be punished. Hence they can safely repeat their actions, without reprisal, in the name of Islam.

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      • One way to reduce those actions is fire-bombing.

        But I’m old-fashioned.

        • Not an irrational response. Viet Nam style (since the bastards are holed up in similar jungle — I think much of their territory is like a mangrove swamp).

          • Bataviawillem

            And how effective was that?
            A whole bomb load of a B52 to kill one V.C. at best.

          • We’re talking about firebombing. I don’t think the high-altitude B-52’s were designed for that. I think they used the old low-altitude “wart hogs” for firebombing — purpose was to get rid of the dense jungle cover and leave the enemy exposed. And maybe kill a few in the process.

          • Bataviawillem

            The “old” wart hog was never in Vietnam, because to new.
            Full scale employment was only 10 years after that war ended.

          • Are you kidding — it was their main fighting machine from the sky! At least according to every Viet Nam vet I ever spoke to. And I happened to be living in the US during Nam — I shared a beach house with a dozen or so Marines on furlough outside Pendleton. Maybe they misnomered it “wart hog”, but that’s actually where I first heard the term.

          • Bataviawillem

            The Vietnam war was from 1955 to april 1975.
            The first A10 was introduced in 1972 as a reaction on the Vietnam war.
            So In the last 2 to 3 years of the 20 years war there were some there, to call that their main fighting machine is a bit rich.

          • I was there in ’71, and that’s where I heard the term. I don’t think the Marines I was with were deployed for 20 years — they were all young men! I think the average deployment was about 2 years at most, but I’m relying on memory

            Anyway it’s a moot question — “warthog” or “hog” was a popular name among troops for the close support aircraft. It wasn’t an official name at the time (I looked it up). Maybe they were referring to an earlier version of the A-10, but they certainly spoke of the wart hog in glowing terms. I’m just telling you what I heard from the “horse’s mouth” — not trying to be “rich” with my words. I’m not a military guy.

            Back to the B-52’s. Are you saying these were used for firebombing? Maybe you’re right but I kinda doubt it.

          • Bataviawillem

            The b-52’s were mainly used to bomb the ho tshi minh trail, ground support was mainly done by C130’s nicknamed spooky, the VC where scared shitles by them, because they could operate at night and you could not hear them.
            Maybe there’s the mix up.

          • I talked to a lot of recently returned vets from ’71-’74, so my memory isn’t perfect on this (later ran a bunkhouse for transients and there were plenty of transient vets in those days). Maybe they were referring to something from the latter years of the war or a different aircraft Marines simply nicknamed “warthog”.

            For firebombing (napalm) apparently the A-1 Skyraider and F-100 Super Sabre were preferred. Trying to find a good utube vid showing jungle firebombing in Vietnam. Not much luck — mostly shows bombing villages (unfortunately).

          • A lot of southeast Asia is very humid. Prime jungle territory.

        • Exile1981

          Reprisals are my favorite. For each Canadian kidnapped and killed by these savages we kill 10 of them. Everyone knows which villages on that island support the terrorists… well hit them where the sleep.

          • Alain

            Hear! Hear!

          • They know no other way.

          • Exile1981

            It’s sinking to their level but it’s also all they understand.

          • Indeed.

  • Jay Currie

    Private ransoms perhaps.

    Governmentally we have JTF2. Our basic response to terrorist’s capturing and attempting to ransom terrorists should be to kill as many of the terrorists as possible without regard to any sovereignty we might be infringing. The government’s objective should be to make its citizens very unattractive targets. Ideally, the word should get out to terrorists that if you try to ransom a Canadian you and your comrades will die. It should make no difference if the Canadian is freed. The terrorists should still die.

    But, a final point, there is no particular reason why Canadians need to go to the shitholes where the majority of these incidents occur. So don’t. Because if you do you will put good Canadian soldiers at risk when they have to go in and kill the people who kidnapped you.

    • They were hundreds of miles away from the “shithole” where the terrorists are in control — they were at a safe upscale tourist area. You’re blaming the victims.

      • Jay Currie

        I was writing generally rather than dealing with this specific case. However, the fact they were a long way from where the terrorists are in control suggests that my second point vis a vis Canadians developing a reputation for massive, disproportionate, extra territorial punishment of anyone who grabs one of our own should be taken seriously.

        • For sure. But I think our new Defense chief is preoccupied with more important military matters on his puny mind, such as Global Warming.

  • xavier

    Nope not ethical because we follow Lenin’s dictum of selling the rope that’ll hang us.

    Nope these scumbags need to be starved of cash and the other environmental factors that allow them to thrive.

  • Brett_McS

    No, but you use the ransom money to pay soldiers and/or mercenaries to go after the kidnappers.