Grab the Popcorn, the Left Is Imploding

Last week I discussed our present state of “peak topsy-turvy.” It was a frustrating climb, but the reward at the top is we get to watch the “inmates who took over the journalistic asylum” destroy themselves.

After months of telling us we’re violent and violence isn’t the answer, we learn they think violence is okay as long as they’re the ones doling it out.

  • memphis

    I do not do FB but would like to find a way to talk with PEGIDA in Niagra the Al Noor Mosque Imam gets a free pass by the ST Catharines Standard for his Anti LGBT stance in the past. BTW I am a straight Christian we need to get together to show our solidarity with the CURRENT people of ISLAMS oppresion because we are all in their crosshairs

  • jack burns

    Their strategy is clearly to lay the kumbaya on like pancake batter. They are the party of love and light who will stand for the rights of all sun people. Such gentle folk couldn’t possibly be interested in the death of the West and white genocide.