Belgian police arrest 12 terror suspects for ‘plotting imminent attacks during Euro 2016 match against Ireland’

A network of terror suspects feared to be plotting imminent attacks has been shut down in a major operation in Belgium.

Sources told broadcaster VTM Nieuws they were planning to attack Brussels as football supporters gathered to watch Belgium’s Euro 2016 match against Ireland in on Saturday afternoon.

At least 12 people were arrested and 40 detained in total after police launched overnight raids across the capital and elsewhere in the country on Friday.

  • Ed

    Pretty soon the entire native population will be employed surveiling the newcomers.

    • Whatever it takes.

    • k2

      And then a society slips past that subtle, invisible line to where the number/percentage of Muslims who provide the safe “ocean” in which the terrorists swim (to use Mark Steyn’s phrasing) is large enough, and the raw number of actual terrorists large enough, that multiple attacks can be staged simultaneously so that the security forces will be completely overwhelmed, that those forces will themselves be infiltrated by “sympathizers” and compromised.

      Then one morning a country will wake to see that it is already an Islamic nation, that the transformation is complete and all that remains to be done is to make it official by enshrining the sharia status quo into the actual law of the land. Queue the mass conversions: Aloha Snackbar ….

      • Linda1000

        Simultaneous attacks in Paris have already happened at least once, on a very small scale with the Jewish deli/supermarket attack and Charlie Hebdo (?) on the same day by the same terrorist, I think.
        Too many attacks to keep track of now. Also, 9/11 was a large scale simultaneous attack by terrorists with two or three targets.

  • You could not get me to attend a crowd event for love nor money.

  • PaulW

    Ignoring for a moment the fact that one is dealing with people’s lives, it will be interesting to see whether ISIS et al can manage to cause harm at this tournament. They’ve been doing an awful lot of boasting to that effect and it’s not as if the authorities should be taken by surprise.

    Still, if not this event, then it will be another since the percentage of muslims continues to steadily rise unchecked in Western societies. More muslims equals more terrorists: it’s a pretty simple formula.

    • Either way it costs the Infidels money, that’s part of the strategy as well, France is on a permanent state of alarm with 10 thousands soldiers in the streets, all of that wears a nation down.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I hope they pull something off at a soccer event.
    They have already tried.
    There’s one thing that galvanizes Europeans and that is an irrational attachment to soccer.
    I used to have it myself but my favourite team was bought by ayrabs and I refuse to follow them anymore.