Windsor’s Mohamed El Shaer arrested on terrorism peace bond

Mohamed El Shaer Muslim Terrorist

Mohamed El Shaer. Muslim Terrorist renowned for vibrant diversity.

High-risk traveller Mohamed El Shaer of Windsor, Ont., has been arrested by the RCMP, becoming one of the few Canadians to be picked up on a terrorism peace bond.

The terrorism peace bond is a controversial provision introduced in Bill C-51 that makes it easier for police to arrest people who haven’t committed a crime.

Just days after serving several months in jail for committing passport fraud, El Shaer was quickly arrested because Mounties suspected he would leave the country to join a terrorist group, police confirmed Friday.

  • Maggat

    Wouldn’t it make sense to let him go and join ISIS and take him off our hands, permanently?

    • ghost of benghazi

      You know this is Canada and what has this Country done in a long time that made sense. You are right though they should let them go and not let them back in.

  • Jaedo Drax

    First step, he should go an read how to renounce your canadian citizenship:

    Second, check if you qualify:

    Third, fill out the form, and pay the $100 application fee, and then wait.

    Oddly, you are not permitted to give up your canadian citizenship if you meet the criteria of being a threat to Canada’s security, or part of a pattern of criminal activity. “To be eligible to apply to renounce your Canadian citizenship, you must: not be a threat to Canada’s security or part of a pattern of criminal activity”