This is what I should be doin…

Pip has the right idea… Just in from work and I’m beat. A short easy job turned long and ugly real fast.

You can see how glad Pip was to see me…

Pip snooze

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Of course; this is Pip’s “I’m so glad to see you” face, just lke my cat’s.

  • k2

    Looks like you’ll have to find another couch though: Pip seems to have dibs on that one, and I doubt he’d be interested in sharing 😉

    • Waffle

      Silly human. Don’t you know that we are privileged to share our living quarters and furniture with our feline masters? Of course BCF will have to find another place to rest his weary butt.

      If you are inclined to share your space with a furry friend, it is probably wise to remember that old maxim: the difference between dogs and cats is that dogs have masters but cats have slaves. Woe to the human that ignores or forgets that truth.

    • Pip owns everything.

  • Brenda

    That position looks pretty uncomfortable.

  • Dana Garcia

    Pip looks like he is dreaming of salmon. Who can blame him?