Syrian “refugees” complaining about food, hotel rooms

A London MP has asked the federal government to investigate a complaint signed by more than 20 Syrian refugees who say they were mistreated by the city’s main settlement agency.

Staff at the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC) — the agency that settled more than 900 Syrians since December — “did not do their duties as they should,” states the letter.

The complaint goes on to list four examples in which the centre “failed to take care . . . and help,” said the refugees who signed it:

  • The hotel many were placed in was understaffed and inadequate
  • Medical services were not provided in a timely manner, leaving many kids very ill — “some we would argue were at risk of death”
  • The food was “borderline unsuitable for human consumption”
  • People have been forced into apartments, often too small for their families, without any choice of location

…Valy Marochko, director of the Cross Cultural Learner Centre, said staff and volunteers did their best to meet the needs of newcomers.

“We tried to please. We listened to any issues. We always do,” he said. “We have been monitored very strictly by the Ministry (of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). I don’t know why this is coming up now.”

Marochko said meals were mainly provided by a London Middle Eastern restaurant, but some people didn’t like it because it was “Canadian Middle Eastern.”

Rebel Media wrote about this yesterday – here – but for some reason I can’t get on to the website at the moment.

h/t Waffle