Obama’s response to Orlando dead wrong

“…What role did radical Islam play in forming the killer’s mindset? The gunman declared loyalty to ISIS on Facebook and in a 911 call to police during the massacre.

So why are so many politicians and liberal commentators determined to play this down, insisting religion had nothing to do with the tragedy? There is plenty of chatter when what we need is honest analysis.”

  • Just another day when a Muslim yelling Allahu Akbar murders in the name of Islam.

    Just another day when liberals tell us Islam is not the cause.

    So what’s new?

    • Obama may as well be a Muslim.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Circumstantial evidence indicates that Obama is a Muslim and that ISIS is a big embarrassment to him.

      • mobuyus

        They’d still toss him off a high building.

      • Gary

        Muhammad him self could come down in the flesh to behead gays and jews right in front of Obama while also citing the quranic verses that sanction them …….he could praise Hitler and his Muslim SS division as well a waving KKK , ISIS, Hamas, plus Hezballah flags as praising Allah in arabic ……and yet Obama would still deny that muhammad had NOTHING to do with isalm or being a muslims.

        Then there is the self-hating faux lesbian Premier that met with a jew-hating gay muslim lawyer ( wants to help more pro-sharia muslims to come in as “refugees ” ) at the Vigil where her denouncing of the slaughter in Orlando had 7 references to islamophobia but not one word about Toronto funding PRIDE for 5 years during those times when the pro-hamas QuAIA group was in it ( this while gays were being brutally murdered in Gaza by Hamas and devout muslims since it was sanction by the quasi- State ).
        John Tory was just as bad on top of being a Miller-Clone to ignore the current Record High homicides ( up 125% from last year and it’s not even officially Summer where it spikes for 2 months when schools out) within the Government housing Welfare Industrial Complex and the victims are almost all Black youths while the killers are too .
        Miller called these black areas as ” targeted areas” for support where he thought that tossing basket balls at dem negro yutes would distract them from the drug trade .

        On July 3rd we will see Justin show up at the PRIDE parade in Toronto to show he’s a Homosexual/feminist that defend the rights of gays and Lesbian , this , fresh from his visit to a jew-hating homophobic misogynistic pro-sharia Mosque where he told them he was a “Muslim and Feminist” that defends their rights to practise Sharia as a Charter Right because islam is part of Canada and enriches Canada to defend women’s rights those of all Minorities.

        How odd that while Tory , Wynne and Justin claim that Muslims had NOTHING to do with the Orlando slaughter from the quranic homophobia……they are demanding more Security at the PRIDE parade for that elusive Homophobe that hasn’t yet bombed ,or shot-up, the event for over 20 years now.
        Hmmmmm, gay bar in Florida gets shot-up in a Nation of 320 million people where the event had NOTHING to do with islam an yet up in Canada ( 35 million) in a City ( 4 million+ GTA) with a 300,000+ muslim minority we see Politicians fear a similar attack on the PRIDE as if it’s going to be like the Boston Jihad attack .

        Toronto is now running ads to portray White people as islamophobes as racists that hate Immigrants and minority groups. But Toronto is about to be a Majority Immigrant and non-white city which is odd that Muslims now link their faith to being that of being for non-whites where they tie in Racism to islamophobia.

  • ed

    that is why he made sure every one knew his true motive was “jihad” so his true actions as a devout muslim carrying out mohammads instructions and koranic commands could not be de- valued by Obama ,the liberals and the media

  • Alain

    For “leaders” such as Obama and Trudeau to admit this would mean they would have to admit that importing more of the same type of people is a deadly mistake. That would mean they would be forced to give up the agenda of population replacement and the balkanisation of their countries.

  • useless opinion

    I am intrigued by the use of extreme Islamic terrorism or not. What we really have is extremist muslim or moderate muslim. In this case the wife, who bought the tools, drove the car to the scene to get her hubby there, is THE moderate muslim. I would ask you all to review Derbyshires “the talk with my children”, everytime you see the words black for African American, substitute muslim. This will all be made clear when you do this.

  • pdxnag

    Apologists for Islam must want gays dead.