Muslim faith school says inspectors are racist after reports slams them over leaflets branding music and dancing ‘acts of the devil’

A Muslim faith school has accused Ofsted of racism after the watchdog slams posters branding music and dancing as ‘acts of the devil’.

The Darul Uloom Islamic High School said the leaflets – described by Ofsted as evidence of safeguarding weakness – were not found on its premises but at the rear door of an adjacent mosque.

And the independent school in Small Heath, Birmingham, has alleged that an Ofsted inspector angrily refused to take off their shoes during a recent inspection, describing them as ‘extremely belligerent’ throughout the visit.

  • I have a new target for this ‘zero tolerance’ notion the left has been promoting.

  • If this was an evangelical school, this would lambasted.

  • PaulW

    Muslims ‘R Us!

  • moraywatson

    I’m not going to consider taking my shoes off in your mosques and madrassas, when you refuse to take off your hijabs and niqabs when you are out in our streets.

  • Ego

    What “race” is Islam?

  • ed

    music by wind or string is forbidden in islam [ 2014 paul Weston V tell mama high court judge ruled that muslims do not ! constitute a race that is now enshrined in british case law ]

  • pdxnag

    If you eject all these barbarians then you do not have to address their hate locally any more. (The sooner the better.)

  • Norman_In_New_York

    No one is holding a gun to the head of these Muslims and forcing them to live in Britain. They might seek more accommodating European countries such as Sweden or Belgium.