Mary Poppins song inspired Stairway To Heaven, Jimmy Page tells court in plagiarism trial

Jimmy Page said the chord sequence on the track was reminiscent of that used in Chim Chim Cheree, a melody in the 1964 film adaptation of the Mary Poppins story.

Page and Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin’s singer, were in Los Angeles district court on the third day of a trial examining allegations that the opening bars of Stairway To Heaven were plagiarised from Taurus, a song recorded by the long-defunct group Spirit in 1967.

  • Oracle9

    Right. Let’s lock up all common Western chord sequences into proprietary royalty prisons. The major scale is probably next.

  • And she’s climbing a chiminee to heaven …

  • John

    I absolutely hate that song. Led Zeppelin is great, but that song is too long for rock and roll.

  • Barrington Minge

    Having listened to both back to back, i would say there is no more similarity than several other tunes using the same chord sequence. Look on Youtube, there is a very good analysis of both tunes.

  • ntt1

    Great defence gambit,every bit as valid as the complainant

  • vimy

    Zepplin should do what George Harrison did when he lost his lawsuit. Just buy the publishing company that owns the rights to the rival song.