Garden State Equality and Frivolous Deeds of Treachery

It’s alarming how Fecked-Up the Left and Gays are about Islam.

Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani…

He is a monster exactly because of the Sharia laws he wrote and enforced for 30 years. He still espouses them as just at his school. He presided over such brutal things as jailing gays for life for being gay, whipping women who were raped for illegal fornication, and cutting off the hands and feet of petty thieves.

After retiring as a judge, his post graduate work included support for the Taliban, issuing Fatwa against American troops, lamenting that there are not more suicide bombers, as well as supporting the taking of black slaves in North Africa.

You should hate him already. If not, try this on for size: In his book Islam and Modernization, he argued that Muslims should lay in wait in Western countries like America until they have more people, then launch “Jihad with Power.” He said the killing should continue until our culture is broken and we submit to his religion.