Elite Media Thugs Call for “Media Blackout” on Donald Trump @Milbank @washingtonpost #blacklist

The elite media are calling for a sharia-compliant media blackout on Donald Trump. And why not? It is exactly what they have done to my colleagues and me, and it works. Even though we were right — about everything — we are still blacklisted from major media outlets. In the wake of San Bernardino, Chattanooga, and Orlando, have you seen Ibn Warraq, Bill Warner, Wafa Sultan, Robert Spencer, etc. or me on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.? Of course not. But the army of trolls for jihad are flapping their tongues incessantly on these platforms.

If Donald Trump was so wrong, so abhorrent, why wouldn’t the media want people to hear him? On the contrary, rational, reasonable freedom-loving people agree with many of Trump’s policies, which is why they want to silence him and instead present a vicious, evil caricature of him.