Disability rights: Failed bar exams, sues

From Daily Caller

A graduate of Harvard Law School is suing New York’s bar examination board, claiming a promising legal career was derailed because she wasn’t given enough special treatment on the bar exam.

Tamara Wyche claims that ever since sustaining a head injury in an ATV accident in 2009, she has suffered from a host of cognitive problems that seem as though they would make it very difficult to be an effective lawyer. Among her alleged disabilities are a panic disorder, a reading disorder, memory problems, difficulty concentrating for extended periods, and a cognitive impairment that makes her struggle with complex abstract problems. Because of her various impairments, along with a major spell of depression, Wyche took five years to complete law school.

… Wyche said she received all of these accommodations during her time at Harvard, as well as a special exemption from being cold-called in class (a major component of Harvard’s legal education).

Reality check: Cold calls?

The lawyers who matter most get cold calls: “Help! A police officer has come to the door and wants me to answer questions about my ex-husband. I am not comfortable with the officer’s questions or his behaviour. What are my legal rights?”

What I would want to hear is: “Say nothing. Put the phone over to ME.”

That is the response one pays for. Not: “I had a special exemption from dealing with this kind of thing.”

Still, it’s worth keeping in mind that the internet has greatly reduced the demand for law school grads and there may be an increasing number of soft positions sought, on various accommodations and entitlements.

Possibly at some point some distinction will be needed between functional lawyers and people who met the criteria for accommodations and entitlements.

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