Toronto campaign against Islamophobia an insult

Within hours of the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, the Islamist groups in Canada and the U.S.A. sent out ‘how-to’ guides to avoid scrutiny of Islamist activity and turn around the anger against the jihad by making Muslims as the victims, not the dead and maimed gays of Florida.

It had its effect. Anger against ISIS and jihad dissipated and soon the tragedy was turned into an issue of gun control and the cheap slogan “homophobia cannot be fought with Islamophobia.”

What shocked me is how this type of manipulation also seems to be popular with the City of Toronto where, before the attack in Orlando, the city teamed up with the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) to launch a campaign against “Islamophobia.”


OCASI Islamophobia poster final

  • Achmed

    Your governments can only prove they aren’t Islamophobic by paying reparations for all the insults to us and by bringing in more of Muslims into Canada.

    • Pass that along to Justin;)

      • Ottawa Eyes

        The “reparations” are already planned by Turdeau.

        I’m hearing three levels of government are already working together looking at vacant or government properties near mosques to turn into muslim run co-op or “public” housing projects near mosques.

        • Oh cripes.

        • memphis

          a gift for the Umma from one muslim JT to his people.

      • Ottawa Eyes

        Remember that Toronto already has a policy of not enforcing existing laws against illegal 24-hours a day mosques in rental housing. No building inspectors nor police allowed!

        You can tell them by the bright lights that are on 24-hours a day usually mounted on all walls.

        They are used to drive existing tenants out to make room for more of their friends.

    • Matt D

      How many goats per insult? Shaved ones with lipstick are worth at least 3.

  • roccolore

    Usually after a terror attack, Muslims play the victim.

  • The Butterfly

    John Tory is a disgrace.

    • Goes without saying.

    • Waffle

      He is the epitome of dhimmification. (but he doesn’t smoke crack, that we know of)

      • Observer

        Isn’t switching from being a Conservative to a Liberal just about the same thing?

        • Waffle

          I try not to use labels because they have become meaningless. Too many people make it up as they go along. I saw JT “up close and personal” during his bid to be leader of the OPC party. Nice man but his ambition was painfully obvious (and nauseating).

          Now, as Ontario’s Ponzi scheme reaches the zenith of its ability to squeeze the last inflated dollarette (h/t to Kevin O’Leary) out of an exhausted and apathetic populace, JT presides over Cananda’s largest city because of his ability to serve several masters simultaneously: First and foremost, the Polyester Princess whose personal agenda will brook no dissent; second, the former police chief who is now in charge of pot legalization — JT’s job is to hold it together until the PTBs have got all their ducks in a row.

          This is an abbreviated summary, but basically JT is the perfect man for the job. His consensus-building talents have been well-honed over the decades. After all, who could complain about being shafted by such a polite, well-spoken gentleman?

          Oh, and BTW, JT was never, ever Conservative. I urge you to cast your mind back 10 years or so when he ran to lead the OPCs. He told the Star he just as easily could have been a Liberal.

  • ed

    zyklon-bism cannot be fought with anti-semiticism

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    I consider myself an informed, educated, logical, rational Islamophobe. Yes, I’m afraid of Islam since I know what it is, how it transforms societies, its violence, its supremacism, its inability to adapt to a free and democratic society, and so forth. Islam is incompatible with democracy; always has been, always will be. It doesn’t belong in Canada or any other modern nation-state.

    • Our political class is to blame.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        Indeed it is. Our politicians can take their “anti-Islamophobia” campaign and shove it far up their as$holes. Europe is becoming so transformed that in mere years it may be considered an extension of the Middle East. Let’s prevent this from happening to Canada and the USA!

        • Linda1000

          It’s kind of funny that a good number of muslims themselves are rather islamophobic. They almost live double lives in that they project a public conservative faithful profile to their mosque communities but in private indulge in the corrupt Western infidel way of life. In the end, these “not-so-islam” muslims will all conform and bow to their “ummah caliphate” though to save their heads from being chopped off. This muslim “double life” is most noticeable in the Gulf states where lots of money is thrown around (eg. Dubai).
          People in Canada and the U.S. don’t seem to want to elect leaders who would try to fix the broken immigration systems of both countries. It’s going to be a real downhill slide with Trudope and Shrillary (if elected) in charge for the next few years.

      • Linda1000

        There’s nothing “classy” about them, particularly the ones in the Ottawa parliament. Their ignorance and ineptitude is astounding. How some of them managed to get elected boggles the mind.

  • Matt D

    My poster would say: “Why do you hate sunlight?” or “Who died?, oh right my country never mind.”

    • Clausewitz

      Enjoy the rickets.

  • mauser 98

    as these whacks kneel to have there heads lopped of they will be apologizing

    “City of Toronto depicted every white man as a racist bigot and perpetuated the victimhood of Muslims”
    …CBC been doing this for 50 years

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    “Muslims are part of Toronto”.

    Oh, we could fix that in about a week if we tried hard enough….

    • JoKeR

      Toronto services for refugees

  • Liberal Progressive

    Thank goodness there are such charitable charities such as this that get most of their funding from our governments and in the last tax year paid out $2.4 million in “compensation”, that is salaries and benefits to its employees.