Orlando Jihadi Cleric: Spongebob Turning Muslim Boys into ‘Faggots’

Even as Obama Administration officials fall all over themselves in a mad dash to label Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen “self-radicalized,” more information about the people who helped him self-radicalize is coming to light.

  • xavier

    And killing people and eating their hearts or raping women or whatever vile act of violence comes to their whimsey makes you a man

    Riiiigght and SpongeBob’s dangerous.

    What a bunch of brittle stick men these Moslems are in the ens

  • canminuteman

    Another islamic “intellectual”?

    • Linda1000

      Well, I kind of do agree with this Imam on his take that Hillary should not become President and we all know Hillary can be irrational. Re: his interview on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren when he said some journalists should be beheaded. This guy is a real badass so I can see why he would appeal to young muslims.

  • Is that so?

  • Gary

    Obama has blood on his hands as well a Jeh Johnson who went into hiding on Sunday until he could figure out how to blame this on the NRA and call the Right-wing extremest’s the biggest threat in the USA.
    Obama was raised a muslim and can’t bring him self to admit he was played for a sucker to not see he was in a death-cult with a veneer of Peace to help sell it. He has been getting Minorities killed for about 6 years now.

  • Peter Toth

    Wouldn’t it be the moslem men, who rape those boys, that are turning them into gay men? After all, all they know is that men have sex with boys, by the example set by moslem men. The natural extension to that is men also have sex with men.