Obama’s Post-Orlando Tirade: Islam is Sacred and Beyond Reproach

Obama at Mosque-GettyImages-508196376

President Obama speaks at Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosque in February 2016.

From Obama’s open support of the Muslim Brotherhood early in his first term and during its brutal ascent to power in Egypt, to his inclusion in his administration of Brotherhood-linked officials, to his direct support of Al Qaeda-linked factions in Libya and Syria (which directly enabled the rise of ISIS), he has accomplished a polar shift in American foreign policy away from forces which embrace human rights, pluralism, and religious liberty for all people — liberal Western concepts which derive straight from Christian principles of tolerance, love of neighbor, and care for the downtrodden — and towards what can only be described as forces of evil, persecution and bloodlust. 


  • None of which is a surprise coming from him.

    Is he going to be impeached?

    • No, and even worse, he’s going to stay in DC after he leaves office. Meaning he’ll be a force in politics for decades to come.

      • To think that he could have been ditched in 2008.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        No, he won’t be a force in politics for decades to come.
        And there will never be an internet meme of his face captioned with ‘miss me yet?’

      • Reader

        And it was the Obama campaigners (not the official Democratic Party) who were a major force helping to elect “Team Trudeau”.

        It explains a lot of what is happening here.

        He is not only trying to undermine the USA.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Is he even going to leave office?

  • Alain

    I know that technically he is a Muslim, because having a Muslim father makes him automatically a Muslim by Islamic law. To date many have argued that he self-identifies as a Christian and not a Muslim. To those I ask to explain why he would make such a statement, if he did not self-identify as a Muslim. For me there has never been any doubt about where his loyalty lies, which is neither with Christianity or the United States.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      When was the last time Obama went to a church service that was not prompted by a photo op?

      • Jim Horne

        Obama’s legacy is ISIS.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There probably isn’t time for him to complete it, but certainly under the Hillarian Concordat there will in fact be small and emerging Islamic Autonomous Regions in the US modeled after the larger and more successful ones that will already exist in Europe. You will see de jure statelets inside a state where there is but one law, sharia and it will be entirely legal and blessed by the Federal government who will be be ready to move the army in against any state that squawks about it,