Graffiti artists hardest hit…Israel to build underground wall around Gaza Strip

Yedioth Ahronoth reveals Israel’s plan to build a concrete wall tens of meters deep underground and above ground to counter the threat of Hamas attack tunnels. Senior defense official: ‘a confrontation with Hamas is inevitable, it must be the last one.’

h/t MP

  • Achmed

    The United Nations needs to bring in its troops to put a stop to this illegal attempt to divide Palestine.

    Palestine from the river to the sea.

    • What river?

      • The Butterfly

        What troops?

        • Observer

          You know, like the troops the UN had in southern Syria to protect the civilians, but who fled to Golan and the safety of Israel when the shooting started.

        • desertpatriot

          what is palestine?

          • The Butterfly

            Beats me.

      • Observer

        Must be where they came from… the River Styx.

    • Oracle9

      By the use of the word ‘illegal’ you can only be referring to a re-negotiation of the First World War. Sorry, your side lost.

  • Alain

    Far better would be to purge Gaza of all these cockroach squatters and return this Jewish land to the Jews.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hey those look like assault rifles.

  • Damn I was hoping for giant mole traps.

  • Gary

    There is a way to weave in electrical wires with metal rods so that any attempt to bore through the wall will break a wire in the circuit and cause the voltage meter to show a change in the resistance or an Open Circuit . Software to catch these changes can alert workers check for a normal deviation from moisture or temperature changes on the metal, or see an isolated change to indicate a possible tunnel building that hit the wall and they are cutting through .