‘Disgusting’ Public outcry over ‘radical Islam vs radical Christianity’ video

In the video, Salads films a friend dressed in a thawb, a traditional Arab gown, running past unsuspecting people in the street and throwing a silver briefcase at them before shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Racists! Everyone knows Islam means Peace.

  • It was a silly thing.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Here’s what you do – screw it. Let the Muslims kill and rampage at will. Anyone complains point to the left and say they own this, laugh and move on.

    • infedel

      They have not woken up yet…laughing and ignoring just got 50 people killed…islam IS the problem….and we can fix this problem by banning it from the West.

  • DVult

    So they managed to show that people were fairly mildly alarmed at the fake puslum terrorist but just mystified by the Christian “terrorist”. So what?

    • Would the viewers be satisfied if the prankster wore a puffy unicorn costume and terrorised them with a wiffle bat?

      • DVult

        If someone had whipped out a gun and blew the dumbass away that would have been much funnier.

        • That will happen with a lot of people at some point.

          The world has gone to sh–.

  • I’m convinced that humanity has devolved mentally.

    • Clausewitz

      We are not men. D. E. V. O..

  • infedel

    That comparison has long ago been debunked. Phuque islam.