Winning the Jihad War

The Kafirs lost 50 to 1 in the Orlando nightclub jihad.

The reason for choosing to kill homosexuals is found in Islamic doctrine. The Koran condemns homosexuals, but offers no penalty for the crime. The Hadith (traditions of Mohammed) calls for a death sentence.

But this latest jihad killing is just one of thousands that have happened around the world. Why are we losing? We are losing the war, because we keep offering reasons to excuse Islam for the jihad.

Jihadists are never lone wolves. Every jihadist has a perfect partner in the jihad in Mohammed and Allah.

  • DMB

    Here we go! Who are leftists and gays blaming for the Orlando attack. Why white heterosexual conservative Christians of coarse. Heaven forbid they blame radical Islam. For them a Muslim killing mass numbers of gays in a nightclub was merely a hate crime. What they consider terrorism is a Christian bakery not baking a gay wedding cake for a gay couple or the church not supporting gay marriage.

    • Alain

      The biggest and worst lie in my opinion is that he specifically targeted homosexuals, when in fact he most likely chose this target for a couple of reasons. First he was very familiar with the place and second he counted on no resistance, especially any armed resistance. Security at the other places he had scouted as potential targets would have existed. Big Queer and the Left however never miss an opportunity to hijack a crisis.