To them, we are all infidels, but our president keeps inviting them in

Last Wednesday it was Tel Aviv, and only a few days later it was Orlando when Muslim hotheads came to kill.

Everything about it was the same, except that in one place, Israel, the world blamed it on the victims.

“It’s the occupation.” Thus spoke voices from among the Palestinian Arabs beginning with Mahmoud Abbas.

No wait. He also said that “both sides” share the blame.

  • Alain

    Of course the dead victim of an armed robbery is at least as guilty as the armed robber. The only occupation here are the Arab squatters in all of Israel; send them back to Jordan the real “palestinian” state.

  • Clink9
    • Minicapt

      Inauguration Day is Friday, 20 Jan 2017.


      • Clink9

        Yes, we can celebrate during those 75 days.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama is the worst fucking thing to happen to America since the Civil War.

  • Gary

    According to Imam Steve Rockwell , Canada will be an islamic State because we muslims are out growing all other groups while the Quran orders us to do Jihad when we are the majority which is to claim the infidel land for allah and the Caliphate.
    Muslims are defacto benign Occupiers right now as a Minority based on the Imam Rockwell statement to John Oakley on his 640 am radio show. It was back in 2006 I found a Workshop for Youth sponsored by the hamas linked CAIR , it was held at the Muslimfest event during August in Mississauga.
    When I delved into the details it assured Muslim parents that the Workshop would teach the youth their duty to do jihad in Canada which will start with soft Jihad to do Dawah and convert people to islam . Then it said that their duty also include martyrdom for the caliphate in the future when they offensive Jihad start to wage war to claim canada for islam .

    Nobody in the media or Liberal Government at that time seemed to care and I inferred they saw me as a malcontent racist islamophobe . This must have been common in the PC World because there was a Refugees Centre near me that Rental Units in the area for the new comers , it was a Catholic based Charity but I kept seeing islamic dressed women being dropped off at one house by dark skinned men driving cars with US Plates .
    They cars came by after sundown and these people had Luggage with Airport Tags on them . Also , 2 of the cars stayed in the neighbourhood and often were parked in front of the refugee centre but I had seen them later on with Ontario Plates which would have made this Vehicle go undetected for leaving the US and then driving back in as a Ontario Plated car .
    Other things went on that were very odd for that house by closed curtains 24/7 and few lights on at night .
    The Plates on those cars were from Michigan , New York and Florida . I wrote down the Florida Plate and traced it to the Tampa area DOT while the Dealer Badge on the trunk was for Toyota vehicle near the DOT . The car was a Ford so it was bought from their used car section which meant that a history search would ID the seller as the Toyota dealer in Florida as the last Owner .
    This hides some of it’s background when they apply for Ontario plates because the papers from the Toyota dealer and the Ownership removes any doubt of it being a stolen car brought in Canada to be sold here .
    There would be NO record of those Florida Plates being punched in at the Border crossing by the US for them to return and bring in more people back with Ontario Plates and claim they were in Buffalo for the day… the car would be expect to still be in the USA ( Florida) but didn’t have the plates renewed when expired.

    With all of this I called the CSIS hotline set-up to report odd activity and they too mocked me as worrying too much , they also said that they don’t look into alleged terrorism issue but only a valid danger for terrorism in real-time as on going .
    Nice , then they said to call the RCMP Office because this was an Immigration issue to look into . The RCMP Office in Toronto said that there is no such thing as refugee smuggling because anyone coming to Canada can make a “inland” refugee claim at a Office or canadian border crossing on our side .
    The RCMP told me that this was a Canada Customs and Border Security issue for not stopping a bogus tourists or visitor with the intent to make a refugee claim inside Canada.

    That is why I wasn’t shocked at the 2 Jihadists in 2014 that murdered canadians in the Military service where one stormed Parliament to slaughter MP’s but was shot by Mr.Vickers that had a gun which the NDP opposed for years to make Ottawa safe .

    Basically we sit back and wait for the bombs to go off or mass slaughters by weapons and THEN call the RCMP and CSIS to look into as a on going terrorist threat .

    • Alain

      What disgust me is that the CPC did nothing either to stop the flow of Muslims and population replacement through mass immigration. I agree that things are even worse now, but that does not change the fact.

  • Clausewitz

    To Obama we’re all Infidels. He hates whites, Americans. Jews, Colonialists and conservatives. If he had his way he would make the American people wish that the Rwanda civil war was all they had to worry about.