The Party at the End of the World

So far there’s been no sign of that self-promoting opportunist twerp who drags his piano to the scenes of jihadist slaughter in Europe and plays ‘Imagine’. And so far, as far as I’m aware, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have not actually insisted, unlike on previous occasions, that that big pile of corpses is ‘nothing to do with Islam’.

  • Linda1000

    I read Steyn earlier today and thought there couldn’t be a more appropriate description of the Orlando shooting. The name of the club – “Pulse” is kind of ironic also considering what happened.

    • I fear that, just like previous terrorist acts, this will just be one of many.

      #Je Suis Party Crowd.

      Oh, look – I’ve done something concrete just as the leftists do! I must be brave!

      (sarcasm function disabled)