The Orlando massacre brings up familiar lessons that we never quite learn.

The aftermath of Islamist Afghan-American Omar Mateen’s murderous rampage against American gays seems disturbingly familiar, an echo of past themes that never stop playing—and lessons that never get learned. The post-911 debate over “why do they hate us” should have been settled long ago with a resounding “because of who we are,” rather than the refrain from the blame-America crowd—voiced from the Ron Paul libertarian Right to the Michael Moore Left—that the answer is “because of what we do.” Mateen did not cite the usual ISIS foreign policy boilerplate so much as reportedly express his furor over gay men kissing—suggesting that, like Mohammed Atta et al., he despised the essence of Western liberality and popular culture, yet, like a moth to a flame, was both repelled by it and attracted to it.

  • ed

    Koran 18-22 ” take over the lands of the unbelievers by the sword or propagation ” this instruction is the word of allha given to mohammad by the arch angel Gabriel ,no muslim will deny or dispute this command

  • simus1

    The “men kissing” nonsense excuse came from his idiot father who is apparently working on being the Hitlery style compromise candidate for the upcoming taliban running of the top Kabul thieves steeplechase..

  • infedel

    Too much time spent on islan…ban it…and as one commenter (sorry I will have to go back and find your BCF name) replied, and I paraphrase: we must rid the marxists left first…which I agree and figured it was all part of the plan to restore the West.