The media’s apologetic coverage of Islamic terror

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on a Florida gay nightclub, the media’s coverage has been almost apologetic.

To go by the coverage, it’s as if an Islamist jihadi didn’t just massacre 49 Americans, and the West bombed Mecca instead.

Despite the apologetic tone of the media, the words of a spokesman for the Florida mosque attended by ISIS-inspired jihadist Omar Mateen, were inadvertently insightful.

  • Editor

    Every time. For the last 20 years. This is becoming tedious. There is no moderate islam. The left will kill us all with tolerance.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    The USA under the “leadership” of the pro-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama has reverted to a dangerous September 10th mentality. He desires to flood the USA with as many Muslims as possible as his “gift” to the American people and all tourists to the USA. Clearly, this is the legacy he desires. *sigh*

    • Linda1000

      Ditto for Prince Trudope in Ottawa except he has another 3.5 years to inflict the damage. Actuallly, he’ll get a second term going by the “dreamy” fan voters we have in Canadistan.

      • Alain

        And due to the lack of any Conservative party. I am basing this on what the CPC is doing. I keep getting requests from them for donations along with a few poll type questions. I keep writing that the major problem is mass immigration and especially Muslim immigration, and that I am waiting to see what they intend to do before deciding to donate any more to the CPC. I guess they never read what is returned, probably only checking to see if it contains a cheque and tossing any reply that doesn’t.

  • The 2016 election is going to be about Islam.

    The dems look like traitors.

    • Alain

      Only look like?

    • Gary

      Good luck for the FBI getting help from Muslims in the jihad slaughter.
      CAIR Florida coaches muslims to NOT help the FBI in Jihad cases for terrorism.
      Check this out which Marco Rubio must have know about or is pretty stupid to not know because I got this photo a few year back which isn’t a secret .
      Keep this in mind when the Mosques start to get bombed and CAIR supports you NOT helping the FBI since muslims don’t have to .

  • mauser 98

    ….another one
    Girl stabbed in France by man trying to ‘make sacrifice for Ramadan’

  • Gary

    How odd for something that had NOTHING to do with islam where the Police drag in an Imam to comment on a non-islamic issue.
    Why not a rabbi or Pastor with him????