The Great Question – On Islam and Islamism

Islamism is the great evil of our age, and the great question of our age is whether this foulness is the natural child of Islam itself or a cancer on its body. This is not a question that can be decided by comparing the number of “good” Muslims to the number of “bad” ones. A religion is a form of philosophy, and a philosophy shapes not just individuals but whole cultures and nations into its own image over time. Any individual may do right or wrong in the name of any given idea. You have to see a much bigger picture before you can judge the moral quality of the idea itself.

  • JoKeR
  • Alain

    Can we please just drop the bogus invented term of “Islamism” and call it what it is: Islam. That would be a good start along with dropping the “radical” part.

  • Flyboy

    Look to the dictates and tenets of Sharia’h Law to understand the why and how of what Islamic terrorists do. Sharia’h Law is a product of Islam, not Islamism, and is sanctioned by the highest Islamic clerical authorities and looked upon favourably by the majority of Muslims worldwide. We waste a lot of time deluding ourselves that Islam is a “religion of peace” and making up terms that infer an equivalency with other world religions.