Orlando survivor describes how homophobic gunman spared black people because they ‘suffer enough’

Patience Carter was enjoying a night out at the Florida LGBT club with friends Tiara Parker and Akyra Murray. The 20-year-old was held hostage by homophobic shooter Omar Mateen, 29, in the club bathrooms during a three-hour siege situation.

According to Carter, Mateen said: ‘I don’t have a problem with black people.

‘This is about my country. You guys suffered enough.’

  • The Butterfly

    That there be some privilege.

  • Mal

    So it was a “hate crime” after all, then? It was only whites he decided to kill that night?

    • Hard Little Machine

      And Hispanics.

      • Mal

        Fair enough, HLM.
        So, rather than looking at it as a “hate crime”, I’ll go back to “act of war”.
        Seeing those simps making themselves feel good by telegraphing their virtue while “standing vigil” – instead of taking the fight to the aggressors – never fails to rankle.

      • That’s WHITE HISPANICS!

  • mauser 98

    …sumthin fishy
    “Mateen said he wished he could “kill all” blacks, referring to them with the N-word.”


  • k2

    I knew it: He was a crusader for … er … defender of black rights!

  • SMC_BC

    She’s a liar. The BBC posted pictures of some of the victims and there are lots of blacks among them.

  • vimy

    suffered enough under Islam

    • Alain

      Yes, but that is the point. The blacks must never know it and discover that Islam was never their friend.

  • Brenda

    Homicidal maniacs don’t have to be consistent. Especially if they’re muslim.

  • Gary

    Hillary has gotten to the witnesses as has Obama and Loretta (lynch-mob) Lynch and Jeh Johnson. They are changing the narrative to pull out the race card and homophobia by whites.