Most Western Gays Remain in Denial about Islam

The greatest threat to their rights and security does not come from the political Right.

Back in January, the U.K.’s Gay Times ran a morbidly fascinating piece. Following the latest attacks in Paris and ISIS’s throwing of gays off buildings, the magazine asked, “Is Islam itself really a threat to the gay community?” Readers may be unsurprised to hear that the next sentence read, “The answer is simple. ‘No.’”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not denial, delusion. Stephen Fry – famous sorta-Jew, gay Brit is a huge supporter of Hamas. That they would kill him the first chance they got is unimportant. It’s about how you feel about him feeling noble and liberal. That’s all.

  • simus1

    Marxist front groups are mere tools to help them reach a totalitarian outcome. The fact is that the various fellow traveling herds in the parade are kept ignorant there is no more food and goodies for many of them once they pass into the disguised slaughterhouse enclosure.

  • Tom Forsythe

    There are two reasons for this: first, they think Christians hate them just as much as Muslims; second, they identify as outsiders, which makes them think Muslims are fellow travelers.

  • Gary

    Their shared hatred for jews and the West has created the suicide-pact with islamsists at York U and the UofT plus GLAAD and all the rainbow groups.

    Brent Hawkes and Wynne will rue the day they endorsed the 2 jew-hating pro-sharia pro-hamas groups that marched in PRIDE’s parade for 5 years .
    So will John Tory that didn’t take a solid stance to condemn it but will try to claim he opposed it once the gay bars here get shot up or bombed.

    Seven years ago I stated my own Boycott of he PRIDE sponsors during those 5 years which include Mercedes Benz, Home depot , Budwieser , OLG, Molson’s , Air Canada , Loblaws , CTV , Toronto STAR and the TD and BMO banks where I terminate any Business and went to Scotia bank that supported
    the LGBTQ2 causes but NOT the Parade with nudity in public around children and the Pro-sharia groups condoning Hamas murdering gays in Gaza or the 10 islamic nation that murder gays under sharia .

    At the end of my run-in with the Bank Of Montreal lawyers that treated me like a homophobic nut-case…..I made it clear to their( bmo’s Law Firm) Lawyers that I wasn’t denying BMO to endorse murdering homosexuals or condoning the quasi -pedophilia displays that was child-abuse ……I just wasn’t going to be complicit one day retro-actively for dealing with TD and BMO while I knew they took Share holders profits and divert some of it to fund an event that had groups that support a homophobic terrorist Org in gaza currently murdering gays every years for the 5 years this group was in PRIDE.

    I can get the names of the BMO Lawyers that mocked me that are in my documents to show the irony that 3 of them were White Feminists while one was a White male in Charge .
    One of the Feminists didn’t understand my Email that showed me admiring their bold stance to support this event that was only equal to the Lawyers and Judges back in 1859 that fought to expand Slavery to all the States to have equality for everyone to own Blacks and abuse them to death.

  • bargogx1

    Leftists first, gay second. Just like feminists.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      There are gay conservatives.

      • Minicapt

        Conservatives are naturally happy.


        • dance…dancetotheradio