France and Belgium face ‘imminent terror attack’ from armed Isil commandos who left Syria a week ago, warns Belgian intelligence

The chilling warning that two-men groups were on the verge of striking emerged just hours before the kick off of France’s second Euro 2016 game against Albania in Marseille and a day after a Frenchman who killed a police commander in the name of Isil warned that the Euro would become a “graveyard”.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Geez…zuzzz! OMG! What an ugly hideous mother fuc_er! No wonder this piece of crap excuse of a human being desired to kill people. I often think that physical ugliness is a prerequisite for so many of these animals. At least so many of them are bloody ghastly. *sigh*

  • Alain

    The EU elites are reaping what they have sown, or rather the poor citizens are.

  • Gary

    Justin will let them in because he needs get to this goal of 25,000 pro-sharia migrant for Syria even if it kills us.
    Liberals have only 6 months to bring on the remaining 10,000 for this year buy McCallum said last year that this was the first phase and every year after for 25,000 more migrants , to go on welfare and get free health care .