‘Demonic’: Abortionist holds scissors near pro-lifer’s throat while yelling in his face

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A disturbing new video shows an abortionist get in the face of a sidewalk counselor, hold scissors at throat-level, and say he loves tearing babies apart in a guttural voice.

Pro-life advocates have posted a one-minute-long excerpt of an exchange with Dr. Robert Santella outside his Family Planning Associates abortion facility on Miramar Road in San Diego to YouTube.

  • Alain

    The Left like Muslims worship death, well not their own but the death of others. Doing it in clinics with modern equipment does not change the fact that it is pure barbarism.

  • Daviddowntown

    He should be in the same cell as kermit.

  • xavier

    I think I should acquaint myself with Rene Girard’s books. See if the French editions are available as e pubs . All this love of death tells me the left and moslems are sacrificing the wrong people as scapegoats as there’should one who’s been sacrificed on our behalf. Thus there’should no need for blood sacrifices

    I see a theological drama being played out with the prolife/abortion controversy. Same with Islam

  • ghost of benghazi

    That will help, in a way I am not sure but in the day and age of the gun killed everyone, not the muslim, this will probably work.

  • infedel

    With all of the condom cucuber education from k-12 and free birth control; there should be no need for abortion as birth control… Even Roe said she was wrong. Hey; how about some morals and responsibility education.