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Orlando Shooting: Gun Control? How About Islam Control.

Debunking everything wrong with the Orlando shooting terror and liberal media agendas.

chick-fil-a orlandoChick-fil-A Opened Several Orlando Restaurants Sunday Following Terrorist Attack

Chick-fil-A, known for being closed on Sundays, opened some of its Orlando-area restaurants this past Sunday to serve food to those providing assistance following the early morning massacre at the Pulse nightclub.

“We are appalled by the senseless crime that was committed this weekend, but we are part of a community that stands strong and stands together,” one local Chick-fil-A wrote on its Facebook page Monday, adding that it was donating chicken biscuits and orange juice that morning to police, first responders and firefighters.

The_terrorist_attack_is_about_radical_Islam_not_Trump_or_Christians_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-06-14_16.26.03Brian Lilley: The terrorist attack is about radical Islam not Trump or Christians

A terrorist attack carried out by a radical Islamist took place on the weekend and then another Islamist group executed a Canadian, but hey, let’s talk about gun control, or Donald Trump or anything but radical Islam.

Brian bursts the many bubbles around the Orlando attack plus tackles why this isn’t about gun control with Faith Goldy, chats with intelligence analyst Phil Gurski and even takes a pause to discuss the F-35 with fighter pilot Billie Flynn.

milo1UCF in Orlando cancels gay pro-Trump speaker, fearing for his safety

The University of Central Florida has become the latest school to surrender their rights of free of speech and assembly to the fear that leftists would riot.

Despite the threats, the Breitbart tech editor said he would not be intimidated, promising to hold a press conference on Wednesday in Orlando. Yiannopolous promised supporters and the press that he would personally provide security to guarantee everyone’s safety.

journalist's guide to firearms identificationOh, The Orlando Killer Didn’t Use An AR-15 Rifle…

…the demonization of the AR-15 rifle has begun in the media. The usual talking points about its lethality, its rate of fire, and its scariness are coursing through the veins of the anti-gun Left following the Orlando attack. Omar Mateen committed the worst mass shooting in U.S. history on Sunday morning, which will likely be reclassified as a terrorist attack, when he murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub (Pulse). As Bob Owens and Streiff noted at Bearing Arms and RedState respectively, Mateen didn’t use an AR-15 rifle, but the media has a narrative to dole out.

muslim time bombPaul Ryan Defends Muslim Invasion, Says Muslim Ban ‘Not In Our Country’s Interests’

After presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reasserted his call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, House Speaker Paul Ryan signaled his dissent.

“I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interests,” Ryan said during his press conference this morning. “I do not think it’s reflective of our principles.”

Ryan said he stood by his comments against Trump’s proposed ban in December 2015 after the attacks in Paris in which he described it as “not conservatism” and “not what this party stands for.”

Complaints_about_Orlando_terrorist_ignored_“because_he_was_Muslim”_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-06-14_17.32.27Complaints about Orlando terrorist ignored “because he was Muslim”

A former co-worker of Omar Mateen has come forward saying that when he worked with the future terrorist at a major security firm, his complaints about Mateen’s disturbing comments and bizarre behaviour were ignored “because he was Muslim.”

rushWhat We Know: Democrats Despise Us More Than They Despise Militant Islam

What have I tried to explain, gee, I don’t know how many times? Tell me if this doesn’t describe you. You learn of the attack by a genuine militant Islamist who’s a registered Democrat, whose father hates America, and they might even vote Democrat; I don’t know. If they were Republicans, the media would already have found that out. So, you have a genuine Islamist militant who exemplifies everything about Islam — anti-gay, anti-women, anti-this, anti-that, anti-America — and goes and does what he does.

How many of you thought finally this is gonna wake up Hillary Clinton, finally Obama, finally the Democrats are gonna see?  How many of you thought that would be the case?  How many of you thought that would be the obvious reaction and now how many of you are stunned to find out that that’s not the reaction they have at all.  No, no, no, no.  This is all because of American gun control laws and the Second Amendment.  This is all because of conservatives.  Yes!  This is all because of the NRA.

Mateen-Wife-Child-in-Disney-shirt-Facebooki-640x480Report: Disney Warned FBI about Mateen, Wife back in April as they Cased Theme Park Resort for Potential Attack

Karla Ray with WFTV is reporting via Twitter that Walt Disney World had contacted the FBI back in April to warn them that Mateen and his wife might have been casing the place.

As reported by Breitbart News on Monday, “Salman told police that she was aware her husband had been scouting Downtown Disney and Pulse [nightclub] for attacks. Unlike the four Disney World theme parks, Downtown Disney, which was recently renamed Disney Springs, doesn’t have security and bag check before entry.”

Also on the day of the Pluse shooting, Mateen posted on the internet “Now taste the Islamic state vengeance.” and searched a number of keywords such as Pluse [sic] and shooting.

john ashtonGovernment should give parents lessons on raising children, says public health expert

Prof John Ashton, the outgoing president of the Faculty of Public Health, said today’s children are being neglected by schools and bad parents. He said the state must step in to help prevent the next generation being crippled by conditions such as anxiety, anorexia and obesity.

He said: “We’ve done remarkably well in terms of producing live, healthy babies over the last 60, 70 years, but, by the time children are leaving school, between 10% and 15% of them are in trouble emotionally or mentally, and [have] things like obesity, eating disorders, anxiety and stress.