CAIR Offers Terror Sympathizers and Misleading Rhetoric to Condemn Orlando Tragedy

In the wake of Sunday morning’s devastating and monumental Islamist terrorist attack that killed 49 men and women at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) convened a news conference to condemn the bloodshed.

  • Gary

    Oh really .
    Here’s Nihad Awad ( buddy of Sheema Khan , CAIR-Canada ) at a pro-hamas rally where you see a hezballah flag .
    There is also the photo of the Leaflet by CAIR FLORIDA that asks muslims to not help the FBI after jihad terrorism of jihadist .

    • NCCM (the current reincarnation of CAIR-CAN) recommends the same in the handbook “United against Terrorism: A Collaborative Effort Towards a Secure, Inclusive and Just Canada”. Ironically, the book was co-authored by the RCMP.

      • Gary

        Justin’s Omar Alghabra was the head of the Canadian Arab Federation that also had a ” Know your Rights ” guide in a PDF on their website that told muslims and arabs that they don’t have to help CSIS and the RCMP when dealing with terrorism issues.
        Omar is a Sunni Saudi that endorses whahhabism which flog women and murders gays .
        But Justin is a feminists and will be in the PRIDE parade on July 3rd because he’s also gay and trans gender .

  • Alain

    The very fact that CAIR and all other fronts for terrorism are allowed to operate openly in the West by our governments indicates that our governments are not the least bit serious about defending us. Add to this the on-going importation of more and more Muslims, it does not take a genius to get the picture.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Recent legislation re euthanasia proves that the Cabadian government has no regard for the lives of Canadians. Canadians, after all, can be replaced.

    • infedel

      Correct; islam is a seditious foreign entity — a supremacist totalitarian doctrine of conquest and our laws already on the books ban this type of doctrine…it is not protected under religion; see anything sharia.

  • Miss Trixie

    Well of COURSE they did! They have the best intentions at heart!

  • Editor

    That’s the news conference where they ejected Breitbart reporter Neil Munro. Nice bunch of people.

    There is no moderate islam.

  • ed

    it takes a ” taqiyya ” artist to know one

  • ghost of benghazi

    Cair gives misleading rhetoric? That statement would be correct if they usually were factual. So the statement should read CAIR opens mouth and B.S. flows out.

    • Gary

      Note how CAIR tosses out the racism word to like muslims to the plight of blacks as if muslims are a Race .

      Since the NCCM and CAIR claim that muslims don’t have to help the FBI, keep in mind that it applies to all people so when the Mosques start to be bombed ……. you can not be forced to help the RCMP even if you know the group that slaughter the muslims in the Mosque.

      This is known as Just Desserts for the muslims that think they are smarter than anyone else to use our laws against us , but when the backlash starts they will have few people helping the FBI arrest the islamophobes.

  • infedel

    …”Instead, CAIR and the other assembled speakers spent more time telling non-Muslims what to think.”…Taquiya…screw islam; it is always a one way street–no bridge building—get that pope, they want to sack Rome again…remember that wall. Hello. Why let a 7th century war doctrine dictate to the 21st century 1st world that feeds these savages. No more tolerance.