Trump campaign bitch slaps Washington Post

But who cares? We can follow Trump’s or Hill’s campaign directly, thanks to the internet. The internet changes everything.

As so often, when trying to understand the collapse of traditional news media in the United States, I wrote to our American friend. I was particularly concerned about the mass shootings in Orlando: Did anyone really, truly believe (as Associated Press would have it) that the shooter’s motives were unclear? Don’t we know that a medium has utterly failed when it articulates concerns no reader has? The rest is just bookkeeping about their inevitable financial losses and oblivion.

Anyway, he wrote back to say:

No one believes the media and any number of data points back up that assertion.

In America something like 6% approve of their job or think they have credibility or integrity.

They did this to themselves.

Keep in mind, though, that they don’t consider it failure when they don’t articulate concerns of their readers; not their mission! For decades they existed to shape and advance narratives that favored the left and the cultural issues they preferred.

Now all that is gone. One of two national candidates for the presidency has called them out time and again, to wildly cheering crowds. The jig is up.

The Washington Post earlier today ran a story with a headline that said Trump suggested Obama knew about or was somehow complicit in the Orlando atrocity. Utterly false and not even vaguely supported in the story itself.

Several hours later the campaign suspended WaPo’s press credentials. I think the term is bitch slap.

The howling has been loud but there’s no freedom of press or speech involved. The paper is perfectly free to print whatever it likes. No media outlet is entitled to campaign access. I never thought I’d live to see this day. More is sure to come in the following months. But this is a great start.

Reality check: Why does the Orlando mass murder remind me so much of Pearl Harbor?

Because the mass murder is a watershed. Gay people are probably suckers for dying news gatekeepers because those media espoused their causes. But what if the price of supporting them is personal endangerment on behalf of an unrelated cause?

What if gay people are not supposed to (or even allowed to) ask whether local mosques preach hate against gays (that’d be Islamophobia!)?

What if they are expected to believe that everyone who doesn’t support their lifestyle but minds their own business about it is equivalent to a hired hit man? (closet homophobia!)

What if they must think Trump a dreadful villain just for saying what everyone knows about what happened at Pulse in Orlando? (Trump-phobia?)

People have been faithful unto death, but rarely in so bad a cause as propping up the media and pressure groups who demand this, as they face their own richly deserved demise.

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