Refusing to Acknowledge the Problem of Climate Change Denial

Substantial evidence from different countries shows that politically conservative/right-wing individuals report higher levels of climate change denial when compared to their liberal/left-wing counterparts (McCright and Dunlap, 2011; Poortinga et al., 2011; Häkkinen and Akrami, 2014; McCright et al., 2016; Milfont et al., 2015). This divide has been reported not only when it comes to denying the observed and predicted changes in the climate system but also when it comes to denying human contribution to these changes, as well as the danger and seriousness of them.

  • Jay Currie

    Wow… And I just thought the science was a bit wrong.

    Which it is… Sensitivity is looking like 1.2 degrees per doubling of CO2 and falling.

  • simus1

    How corrupt politicians and thieving rent seekers ripping off taxpayers and power customers for trillions of dollars will solve a fake non problem while at the same time creating a hugely unstable and ever more costly electrical infrastructure is something for Zen masters to solve.

    • Alain

      They are also the ones destroying the environment with their “green energy” along with endangering and killing protected species with these ugly, useless turbines.

  • Sharkibark

    Only one comment at the source article so far… “Is this a parody?” Lolllllllls. 😀

  • Frances

    Actually, conservatives are NOT into climate change denial. We don’t believe, we KNOW that climate change has happened, is happening, and will happen in the future. What we do NOT believe is that CO2 is a major trigger, and that eliminating anthropogenic CO2 will “heal” the earth. Water (H2O) is a much bigger trigger for warming, but you never hear of that.

    And, generally warming has been better. Look at history – when the weather is cool, the crops suffer, and famine ensues.