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Our American friend weighs in on the fast moving events in the United States. He writes to say that he is always hearing that

“Trump is frightening.
Should the GOP disown him?
Distancing is one step in that direction perhaps.”

But he replies (and I agree):

He’s becoming president as you read this.

Orlando is definitional. Breathtaking incompetence from Hillary & Obama.

More Americans will find themselves nationalists on the side of a real estate mogul than life long politicians who got them here.

God forbid there be an actual choice; unacceptable that he has challenged and neutered the loathsome media as well as dissolved political correctness.

He’ll govern as a relentless moderate, something the country is desperate for. Trump says no cuts to social security and Planned Parenthood, sans abortion, does good work for women. We’ve never seen anything like this on the right.

And neither, to their existential panic, has the left.

Reality check from me: This is the first in an occasional series. (Bad Beaver! Bad!! Incidentally, we are setting you up with an account at the sawmill…)

It’s not only the horror of the mass murder in Orlando, it’s the indescribably disgraceful response of a political and media class that hopes to live at ease and in plenty without even deigning to use terms like Islamic terror.

It wasn’t Buddhist terror. Was it? Does anyone believe it was Buddhist terror? Or atheist terror? Does anyone not know what is happening?

More generally, let’s think about this: 9-11 was so awful that it might have been a fluke.

Similarly, the Boston Marathon bombing might have been East Coast weirdness.

In media, we say, it takes three to make a trend.

So Orlando is three. Still, we hear nothing but garbage from legacy media and politicians. So that is now officially a trend. Read and vote for them, and more of that is what we will get, as an alternative to honest discussion that might save lives.

Put another way, I don’t care if Islam is or is not the religion of peace. If it isn’t, it’ll have to be made so. Enough people have died in enough different situations that we must start asking questions. Anyone not prepared for that should just stand down.

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  • Obama put on apathetic display. He is a Muslim sympathizer.

    • I just want to know. Do people want to live or not?

      • Clink9

        They would rather be dead than called a bad name.

        • Justin St.Denis

          That’s happened to me right here by some of the resident fartcatchers. People need to get a grip and learn to identify and dismiss/ignore Fartcatchers in all their guises. It really isn’t rocket science.

    • SDMatt

      If Obama had a son his middle name would be Husein or Ahmad or Ali or Mohamed . . .

      • Clausewitz

        No, that would be his first name. Mohamed Mohaumed el Moehammed Obama.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There is nothing about Orlando that’s transformational. Obamadroids have been working around the clock to brand it anything but Islamic terrorism. And it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t. Obamadroids and Hilldroids will vote democrat not in spite of their insanity, hatred, fascism, bigotry and general douchery but BECAUSE of it. If Hillary announced today she’s 100% dedicated to the destruction of the US by any

    necessary she’d win 100% of democratic vote, all of the Sanders contingent and a quarter of the remainder.

    The odds are even this is the last presidential election ever.

    • But what if their lives depend on making a break for it?

      • Hard Little Machine

        They would throw themselves off the roof first

        • Norman_In_New_York

          The campaign still has five months left, including the conventions and debates. All bets are off as far as I am concerned. And Orlando will not be the last terrorist incident.

  • Brett_McS

    When the current President, the would-be President and their scribes in the media are all reacting to Trump then, yes, Trump is becoming the defacto leader.

  • SDMatt

    How come Obama didn’t send James Taylor to Orlando like he did to France?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Because we know the routine and can only tolerate so much political grief counseling.

      • Justin St.Denis

        That Paris moment was painfully long.

    • Justin St.Denis

      James Taylor has zero fans among Hispanics and blacks in downtown urban centres in 2016. Plus even Taylor looked embarrassed to be there with Kerry in Paris. Finally, James Taylor is older and does not want to die with no friends at all…….