Daniel Gilroy, the co-worker who warned of Omar Mateen’s deranged hatred, earlier was a victim of political correctness

Political correctness is a theme woven through the backstory of the Orlando nightclub jihad killer. Law enforcement and his employer were unable to cull out Omar Mateen from his job as a security guard and access to serious weapons, enabling his short but bloody career as a self-radicalized jihadi.

Heartbreakingly, there was a man who tried to warn of this smoldering human inferno.

  • Alain

    The West is its own worst enemy. Creating all the anti-discrimination laws and regulations and forcing them on everyone, including private businesses, remains a green light for this crap. It boils down to being forbidden to “discriminate” against the enemy along with those incompetent, those with serious mental problems and just plain losers. Germany and Japan would have had it made, had the West been as stupid then as now.