Brutal Realities – The only “shocking” thing about ISIS’s attack on a gay establishment is that it took this long.

On CNN and Fox News, one politician after another professed to be “shocked” by the massacre in Orlando. “Who would have expected such a thing?” people kept asking. Actually, I’ve been expecting just such a thing for years. The only shock was that it took this long for some jihadist to go after a gay establishment.

Islamic law, after all, is crystal clear on homosexuality, though the various schools of sharia prescribe a range of penalties: one calls for death by stoning; another demands that the transgressor be thrown from a high place; a third says to drop a building on him.

  • Martin B

    Let’s not forget Musab Mohamed Masmari, who poured gasoline over a stairway in a packed gay nightclub in Seattle and set it on fire just after midnight on New Years Day 2014:

    • Indeed he did.

      • john700

        I am surprised too that they haven’t attacked yet a gay pride parade.
        Now, the majority of Muslims are patient, they play the long game. Due to demographics, it’s obvious they will win. In a few decades, they will be the majority (or a dictating minority) in most Western countries. So why bother with the killings when you know you’ll be the winner in the end?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Who was it that wanted to set up a gay night club down the street from the ground zero moks?

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        I don’t approve of homo night clubs, they need psychiatric help not clubs, but I did get a laff out of that.

    • What is interesting about this incident and Orlando is how quickly gays are being thrown under the bus over this.

      And they will STILL embrace Islamism.

      Reaping and sowing and such.

  • Alain

    Had the same thing happened at the event in Texas with Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, or a large Christian church or gathering, I doubt it would have ever made so much press. That signifies a very sad state of affairs.